WWW services

The httpd daemon installed on this box is thttpd. The main reason for this choice is that I want to have a way to rate-limit outgoing http without resorting to dealing with dummynet or altq. Also, thttpd isn't Apache, and is a lot simpler to deal with (no httpd.conf edits for vhosting, for instance)

With that said, thttpd is a bit funky. Files have to be world readabe and directories have to be world-executable. see 'man thttpd' for more.

All users have public_html as a link in their home dir. The URL is http://www.bestII.com/~LUSER. 'ls /usr/local/www' for a full set of available domains.

Stats can be found under http://DOMAIN-NAME/stats. I don't have per-user breakdowns yet...that's on the TODO list...

More to be added to this section as time permits...

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