LUSH: 01 FEB 90 - St. Sebastien Festival - Nantes, France

Ah, the lovely sound of a French announcer, doing a count-in and in the process talking over the track.

Downer and Thoughtforms are played before there's another break with announcer jabbering. A third break is between these and the last track, Baby_Talk.

This is likely the first FM/soundboard release of a live performance.

LUSH: 19 FEB 90 John Peel Session

Recorded 19 FEB 90, broadcast 22 MAR 90.

From 128kbit MP3s that I received from Jason Gardieff, who
got them from somebody in Brazil. Sound is warbly.

Peel talks a bit in front of the first track.

Hey_Hey_Helen has much heavier guitars than on Gala.

LUSH: 03 MAR 90 Royal Holloway College - Egham

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Steady camera work and decent sound quality, but unfortunately Miki had microphone problems that night"

LUSH: 27 APR 90 Borderline - London

Apparently, only Miki and Emma performed, acoustically.

Full setlist not known, but we do know that a very rare rendition of "Dreaming" (Blondie) was performed.

LUSH: 04 MAY 90 Junction - Cambridge

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Shot close to the stage with a shaky camera, heads often in the way. Distorted audio. Very interesting early version of "Sweetness And Light".

LUSH: 28 NOV 90 Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ

First generation cassette showed up on DIME, seeded by a "humanoidboo".


AUD -> ANA(1) -> Denon DRM-600 -> SB Audigy 2 -> WAV -> Adobe Audition 1.5 (Sony Sound Forge Noise Reduction 2.0) -> T-RackS 24 (EQ) -> CD Wave 1.93.3 (tracked) -> FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 -> FLAC (level 8)


MB: "We'll be with you in a minute, we're just getting organized."

Lots of chatter in between tracks as there's about a 20 second pause.

Breeze follows.


MB: "A bit warm in here, isn't it? Nothing that a little vodka won't sort out." Last part of the statement made clear by a memeber of the audience, who repeats it.

(at end)

MB: "Thank you." More chatter.


MB: "Somebody turn up monitors, please." (not 100% sure if this is what she says)

punter #1: "Turn the vocals up!"

MB: "What's that."

punter #1: "Turn the vocals up! More guitar."

punter #2: "Screw the vocals!" This garners laughter.

female punter: "I'm so pissed."


MB: "Alright, alright, where am I?"

(at end)

MB: "I can feel all my make-up running down my face."

Miki says something else off-mic that I can't quite catch, except for "Thanks".


MB: "Some more guitar please."


Faster than the LP version.

Forty five seconds betwen songs here.

punter: "Yo Eric!"
punter: "Yo Seth[?]"

Band tune up a bit.


A not so common performance of this live.

MB: "We are covering...doing[?}...Abba.

Audience memeber: "Abba rules".

Somebody calls out "1-2-3-4" a few times, god knows why.

MB: "Can all of you at the front sort blow a little bit. Alright, one person...thanks!"


The person persists with their 1-2-3-4'ing.

Leaves_Me_Cold follows.

You can hear people in the audience talk about getting loaded.

Scarlet is next.

(at end)

punter: "Did you see the drummer or not?"

MB: "Nice guitar, eh?"

Then somebody strikes up a conversation with the singer, hard to make out.

MB: "Fair enough."

punter: "Lemme tell you, Town and Country"

MB: "Bloody England, can't go anywhere without..."


Edit in tape at this point. Think the encore is at this point.


MB: "Thanks, very kind of you."

punter: "Rock n' roll man."

Tape edit at this point.

MB: "Speeds de..." Not sure what she's saying, as there's yet another edit in the tape.


MB: "My hair dye's coming out!

Somebody makes a comment.

MB: "That's ok."


MB: "Thank you."

LUSH: 03 DEC 90 - Kennel Club - San Francisco, CA


MB: "All right."

A few seconds later, after they do a drum false start to Thoughtforms.

MB: "It's a new bass amp, we don't know how to work it. All right, OK."

Somebody yells for more vocals.

Breeze follows.

MB: "I've got a very sore throat, so you have to excluse me. Don't get much sympathy for it anyway." People "awww"...

MB: "Dunno who are going to see the Cocteau Twins tonight. Well, there's not many Well...[can't make out]

Bitter is next.

Taper: "Right should have been across the bay earlier..."

This is followed by Downer.


MB: (off-mic) "Ah, oh...dear."

Taper asks what that song was called.

Some beating of dumsticks and Miki exclaiming something. Somebody tries to get by, taper says "Yeah, sorry."


Mic bumped 0:25, sound gets a bit worse.

MB: "Did you win the football? Well done." Some drumming follows

Tiny_Smiles follows.


The Abba cover.

MB: "Time for another song, I think. Do you like Other? What a band!"

Some chatter around the taper.

SweetnessAnd__Light quiets that down.

taper: "I tried going in the middle, couldn't hear any vocals, it's terrible.

Leaves_Me_Cold and Take follow.

MB: "Just get my contact."


(at end)

MB: "Thank you."


(at end)

MB: "Thank you.

Cut in tape, probably between main set and encore.

MB: "Gosh, thanks. Sow come Karl Malden and Michael Douglas didn't come along?

Someone yells "They're here, they're in the back."

MB: "I had to say it, didn't I?"

Covert segues into _De-Luxe_

MB: "[couple words I can't make out]... We've never had a song we've had a fight to."

LUSH: 06 DEC 90 Wiltern Theatre - Los Angeles

Taped by superblast! with a Sony WM-D3 and included mic. Fairly clear recording.

MB: "Hello. Can't see a thing."

Somebody shouts for 'De-Luxe'. There's a bit of feedback over the monitors, which Miki says something about.

MB: "Something's feeding in the back. Sorry, be with you in a minute. Okay!"

Breeze, Thoughtforms, and Bitter are performed.


There's some chatter between Miki and a fan that I can't make out.

Etheriel, with Covert segueing Deluxe follow.

At the end of Deluxe, Miki makes a comment at what I presume was a fairly tame audience (given the kind of crowds 4ad bands draw, not suprising)

MB: "Are you sitting comfortably? I think you should hand-dive or something."


MB: "Nicely toler...?)"

Take follows.

As noted by superblast! his recorder started to act up during Baby_Talk, speeding up and garbling the sound.

MB: "Don't suck, don't worry...don't worry."

Sweetness_And_Light closes out the proceedings.

MB: "Thank you very much."

LUSH: 07 DEC 90 KCRW 'Snap' radio session - Santa Monica

[Snap = Saturday Night Avante-Pop]

From 128kbit MP3s that I received from Jason Gardieff, who
got them from somebody in Brazil. Sound is warbly.

I've since got a lossless (but hissy) complete broadcast.


NOTE: Deidre O'Donoghue, who was the on-air announcer, sadly passed away in 2001. A site devoted to her is here:

DOD: "...Deidre O'Donoghue, it's about 11:20 on this Friday night, the 7th of December. Last night, Lush played with the Cocteau Twins, tomorrow night, they will be playing at Club Lingerie, and tonight, we have them here on Snap, so I want to welcome Chris and Emma and Miki and Steve, who are Lush, to Snap, and ask them if they'll play a couple of songs for us."

MB: (giggling) "No."

DOD: "Okay, that's that. I got cued up here some (giggles as well)... yay, good on you, Miki."

MB: "All right. What are we starting? Breeze."


MB: "Mmmm...(giggles) well, that was interesting. (more laughs) Emma's remaining silent, even as she's got a microphone." (

EA: "What will we do? Etheriel... Etheriel."


MB: "Oh God..." (giggling) "Play something?"

DOD: "Oh, what's the matter, Miki?"

MB: "Oh, no one's talking, it's all being left to me. I can't handle it."

CA: "Hi, listeners."

MB: "There you go. That's better."

CA: "Who was that?

MB: "Oh, that was some stranger who walked in."

CA: "All right, hey."

MB: "Ready?"

CA may or may not be Chris Acland. It's likely another member of the band.

Covert segues into Deluxe.

MB: "Right. Ready. Leaves_Me_Cold."

DOD: "...Lush, you're listening to on a Friday night on Snap on KCRW, and I'm smiling from...I've got a big grin on my face. Hi Steve, how are you? We have the bass player sitting down, I suppose this is a good moment to remind people that there''s not just the new Lush album, it's just basically all of in the United States, it's called Gala (pronounced with a sound), or Gala (o sound)...because it''s after Dali's wife, isn't it, so it would be Gala (a sound)? Or is that not true? That's just a story. It's a lie, it's all lies, I should know better, you're a British band, you guys never tell the truth. Miki, whose last name I'm almost afraid to pronounce, even though I do it real regularly...let me hear how you say it, Miki."

MB: "Ber-en-i" (y is silent!)

DOD: "Ber-en-i. I have been doing it wrong all of the time, okay. Miki Berenyi, who is the vocalist and also playing a twelve-string guitar there. Emma Anderson, who is changing her guitar, she is going to launch an assault from another direction of the wall of sound here. If not...if not certainly then definitely indirectly I sense, I sense Glenn Branca / Sonic Youth attitude in there Emma, tears me apart with what you do with the guitar, and she also does the backing vocals. Steve Rippon is the sitdown bass player tonight. And Chris Acland is on the drums and has been known to be the front end of a pantomime horse from time to time. So we can't call him a horse's ass, he's only been at the head of things. [Miki's cracking up at all of this] And a fine drummer in the fishbowl tonight. Here on Snap. So Gala is the name of album. Tommorrow night, they'll be at Club Lingerie and going onstage by 11PM, I understand will be the case. So definitely get there. You're never get to see them in a club of this sort again. Reinventing pop music, I love it."

MB: "We'll be going somewhere smaller next time."

DOD: (laughs) "You can't get much smaller than the Lingerie, MIki. It's a good place, it's going to be a fun night, tomorrow night. Are we all switched? We got guitars all changed. Yay, it's Lush, live on Snap?"

Scarlet follows.


MB: "Stop making faces at me, Chris. It's really annoying me.

EA: "Right, last one, Sweetness and Light."

MB: "Eh?"

CA: "Hey."

MB: "This is for Pete."

CA: "Yeah."

MB: "Why, he's doing a crap job.

CA: [stammers] "He's doing..."

MB: "He's doing our sound. Send your comments in. Answers on a postcard. No... Okay, let's go with it."

Again, CA may or may not be Chris Acland, I think it's the same voice as above.

(at end)

MB: (high-pitched voice) "Bye!"

DOD: "Merci beaucoup. That's Lush. Thanks to Miki and Emma and Steve and Chris for coming in and doing this live set on Snap. Yay! A+. And I also want to say thanks to Pete Bartlett, who did the sound mix for Lush, and to Bob Carlson, who was here dong the sound for me at KCRW, Kevin Hunter and Scott Wallace taking care of all the equipment for Lush, and Kevin's also their tour manager, and I want to say thanks to Kathleen Griffin as well for helping out as usual with the...with the behind-the-scenes arrangements as she does for almost all the live shows here on Snap. And I also want to say thanks to Richard Gitler(?) and also hope you're feeling better for...from Reprise Records in New York for helping to get this all set up and actually making it happen and ditto to Peter Standish, althought he looks like he's feeling fine. And he is a fine lad. I'm Deidre O'Donoghue, and it's Snap 11:20 and Lush are appearing tomorrow night at Club LIngerie. Go see them. They're just...they're changing...uh, they stand in relation to absolutely no one at this moment in time, although I think in the future there will be any number of people who sound a lot like them. Good stuff. Gala is the name of the album, tomorrow night..."

LUSH: 20 MAR 91 Newcross - London

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Good sound and good shot of the stage. Some annoying long shots of the ceiling and wall in some places."

Also see venue spelled "New Cross".

LUSH: 22 MAR 91 Club Baby Head - Providence, RI

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Shaky camera, heads often in the way, poor audio quality."

This mist be for some other night. This offers gorgeous closeups of Miki and Emma playing through lights and fog. To be there that night.

MC: "That's right, for WDRU and the Candace club, welcome all the way from London, England put your hands together for Lush!"


MB: "All Right".


At the end, Miki then starts rubbing something off her arm an guitar, saying something I can't make out.

Bitter follows.

At the start of Second_Sight, Emma starts tuning up. To pass the time, Miki talks about her cohort.

MB: "Emma's ancestors are from Providence. "Sorry, just..."

MB: "Is that right? Your ancestors are from Providence. So if there's anyone here named Anderson, they might be related to Emma."

Between this and Take, Miki and Emma have a brief chat.

Covert segueing into _De-Luxe_ follows. The video has a brief internal cut after the intro.

Lots of cheers after this one.

Miki says "Whoops"


MB: "[Can't make out] here tonight. I think that was a yes."

Ocean and Scarlet follow.


MB: "Most amazing people dance with that style, splaying around." Then she says somethng else I can't make out.


MB: "What?"

MB: "Shame we couldn't piss off with this tosser." (I think)

Brief cut.

Baby_Talk finds the angle has shifted to be a bit more central.

Monochrome follows.

Somebody from the crowd yells out "Don't be such a boss", Miki replies "Yeah, yeah."

Downer finishes out the set.

Steve then talks into the mic!

SR: "Thank you, we'll be back someday with Molly Hatchet, cuz we'll tour with them."

LUSH: 03 APR 91 Gothic Theatre Denver CO

FM broadcast put up on DIME.

CC: "Hello again, Gothic. And good evening everybody on the radio end KTCL Teletunes and nobody in particular bringing you Ride and Lush this envening live from the Gothic. Of course, Ride has already played, first time they've been here in the United States. This next band has been in the United States once before. They...they stuck around did a couple of dates. This is their first extensive tour of the United States. All the way from London, it's Lush. Give them a nice big American welcome!


SR: "We'd just like to thank Charlie Chaplin for that heartfelt introduction."

MB: "All right, now I want no gratuitous swearing please, unless it's me."

Somebody sings "Flashlight".


MB: "Gosh, thanks."

Breeze follows.

Then Bitter.

EA: "Miki."


EA croakes "Thank you." Or was it Miki with her voicebox problems on this tour?

Take follows.


MB: "All right, this is for Steve's...Steve from Ride who wants me to say Happy Birthday to him, even though it's not his birthday."

Then a hilarious exchange follows.

punter: "Let me rub it!"

MB: "Eh?"

punter: "Let me rub it! Let me rub your hair."

MB: "You want to rub my hip?"

punter: "Yes, ma'am."

punter: "Whoo!"

MB: "Well, there's a strange request if ever I heard one. Well, you'll just have to wait your turn like everyone else."


One version has a but in Deluxe 3:06, another (the version identified as Roskilde Festival '91) is complete.

MB: "Thank you."

punter: "I love you!!"

MB: "Why, thank you!"

Etheriel follows.


MB: "No, no, this beer's mine, I'm afraid."

MB: (presumably talking about who the song is dedicated for) "Who's this for, oh, this is for Lars, isn't it?"


MB: [coughs] "Just a sec, just a sec. All right."


MB: "Right, right, right, right, right. Another dedication, for Peter Standish. Could we have a cheer for Peter Standish, please? (moderate cheers) I know you don't know him, but if you knew him, you'd love him. Yay!"

Downer follows.


MB: "All right, it's the last one. Yep, we have to, we have to go off and have Ride's children, so..."

(at end)

MB: "Thank you very much."


MB: "[giggles]. Hmm, that's very nice of you."

Somebody exclaims something.

MB: "Wot?"

MB: "This is for...all of you."

(at end)

MB: "Bye!" (in a lilting tone)

Feedback drone at end, too.

LU: 28 JUN 91 Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Finally, a proper copy has been tracked down, as the previous copy I had purporting to be from this show was really from Denver.


MB: "All right. Now I want no gratuitous swearing, please. Unless it's me." Somebody then sings "Flashlight" in a falsetto(!)

Some strumming between tracks.

MB: "Gosh, thanks."

Breeze and Bitter follow.


MB: "Hello. [a couple words off-mic while they're tuning up I can't make out]

MB: "Okay, we're dedicating this song to...who was it?...Jan Molby. [crowd doesn't seem to react well] No? All right, we'll dedicate it to Gary Lineker then!" [Tottenham Hotspur legend, Miki in particular was and remains a big Spurs fan]

MB: (at end) "'ank you!"

Take follows.


MB: "All right, this is for Steve's...Steve from Ride, who wants me to say 'Happy Birthday' to him, even though it's not his birthday."

punter: "Let me rub it!"

MB: "Eh?"

punter: "Let me rub it!!" Miki giggles at this.

punter: "Let me rub your hip."

MB: "You want to rub my hip."

punter: "Yes, ma'am!"

MB: "Well, there's a strange request if I ever heard one. Well, you'll just have to wait your turn like everyone else!"

EA: (laughing off mic)

EA: ""Miki!"

This segues into _De-Luxe_

MB: (afterwards, in high-pitched voice) "Thank you!"

punter: "I love you!"

MB: "Why, thank you."

Etheriel is next.


MB: "Uh, no no no, this day is mine, I'm afraid. Who's this for, this is for Lars, isn't it?"


MB: (vocalises a cough)

"Just a sec, just a sec...all right."


MB: "Sorry, thank you. Okay we can all have a little dancing to this one, I think. A bit of disco dancing, y'know, yah?"

(at end)

MB: "Right, right, right, right, right. Another dedication for Peter Standish. Could we have a cheer for Peter Standish, please? I know you don't know him, but if you knew him, you'd love him..."

A fan yells out their assent.

MB: "Yay..."

Downstruck guitar/sustain, and then Chris' drumming introduces Downer.


MB: "All right, this is the last one. Yup, we have to go off and have Ride's children, so..."

LUSH: 30 JUN 91 Bizarre Festival - Giessen, Germany

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"An outdoor festival show, shot close to the stage but lots of heads in the way."

LUSH: 11 OCT 91 Queen Mary College - London

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Handheld camera from the audience with lots of good shots of the stage but heads often in the way."

LUSH: 18 OCT 91 L'Aeronef - Lille, France

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Decent show with good view of the stage. Camera is a little shaky. The last 8 minutes of this is Miki signing autographs and some outside shots of the venue."

Features Steve Rippon on bass.

Stray segues right into Bitter.


MB: "I can't see a fuckin' thing, man..."

A bit of guitar adjustment.

MB: "Thank you, thank you...oh, it's so warm."


A fairly rare outing for this song, one of the few times it was filmed. The guitar feedback from the last song segues into this one.

MB: "I'm getting old then..." She then sings in French a bit.

MB: ""All right...I shouldn't have done that."

Etheriel follows.


Someone yells out.

MB: "What was that?

He says more stuff.

MB: "I don't understand...[some French]...I can speak French!"


MH: "Oh, amore".


Lots of smoke machine...

MB: "Slow one...slow waltz time...[muttering a few other words]."

Segues into Deluxe.


MB: "...having a hard time...."

MB: "Okay, who said that?

Punter: "Me"

MB: "That's good."

Feedback buries the rest of what she said.


MB: "A small problem has arisen. We will deal with it."

Steve does a scarecrow dance at the start!


MB: "Finally..." [more French]

Miki thanks the audience at the end of the main set.

Someone says 'Merci Beaucoup'.

Lots of cheering, clapping, and whistling.


A bit more of Miki trying her hand at French.

MB: "Okay get your lighters out.

Leaves_Me_Cold finishes off things.

LUSH: 08 FEB 92 Town And Country Club - London

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

LUSH: 24 MAR 92 Campus Club - Providence, RI

Very good quality video has surfaced for this show, better than what Neil S lists on his videography.

For the first couple of songs, Miki isn't talkative.

After Bitter.

MB: "Cheers."

She mumbles something at the end of Nothing_Natural that I can't make out.

A bit after the start of For_Love is missing.


MB: "My painkillers have started working, I feel so much better."

Change of guitars after this song, as Miki plays a 12-strong for Covert.


An interesting exchange after this song.

A bunch of people yell, "Thank you, Miki, that was totally awesome!"

MB: "What's that?"

MB: "All right... Awesome..."

EA: "So you said totally awesome?"

MB: "Old McDonald" [snorts like a pig]

MB: "Is it possible to get high on Advil?"

Downer follows.

Miki bends over to adjust petals or something.

EA: "Cord problems, sorry."

Sweetness_And_Light is the next track.


EA: "Last one...we're getting there?"

Roadie: "Yeah..."

MB: "That will be really...we're getting the microphone...all right? Just remember, I'll nod at a specific time."

Tape edit between main set and encore.


MB: "This is for Tim, who gave me the tablets."


Phil completely messes up the intro to the song!

MB: "What the FUCK was that?"

They restart, with Emma providing Birthday Party-esque guitar over the first verse, before gelling back into the usual groove.

The sound partially cuts out near the end of the second verse.

LUSH: 14 APR 92 Slim's - San Francisco

Two sets played that night.

Early set:

Lots of shouts for Miki before Stray, as well as before Gods_Gift. Somebody comments that he came all the way from Iowa to see them. And keeps mentioning it...

The same guy comments that Miki's hot right before they launch into Nothing_Natural.

A few seconds pass before Lush play Ocean.


(at end)

MB: "Was that 'Miki, have my children'? A sad specimen of humankind."


(at end)

MB: "Thanks, Chris. Very Spinal Tap."

Folks cry out for "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep". Haha.

MB: "God, so boring! Yes, all those people that say 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep', shut up now."

Covert blends into Deluxe, as always. Then Downer and Sweetness_And_Light. Nothing really distinguishing to report.


Somebody calls out "Hooray for Lush!" as Chris bangs his sticks for the intro of this song. Song cuts out midway and we are treated to a couple of minutes of folks shouting between the main set and encore.

Somebody repeats "Miki's from Iowa" a few times. Very mysterious.

MB: "You're not easily pleased, are you?"

Punter repeats, "Miki's from Iowa, yeah."

MB: "Hate to waste it, isn't it."

Punter: "Shows the University of Iowa."

Monochrome and Baby_Talk

The guy from Iowa speaks at the very end as the cheers for a second encores turn to boos as the crowd realize it's over.

Late set:


MB: "All right."

MB: "Thank you to the front row for clapping. [giggles]"

MB: "Too late, too late, now I'm late(?)"

A bit of near chatter through out the beginning of the intro.

Blends right into Bitter.


Somebody heckles Miki at the end...hard to make out what he's going on about.

MB: "Fucking bra's ripped(?)"

Don't think that's what she says, but that's what it sounds like.

This person yells "Get a move on!".

Nothing_Natural and Ocean follow.


Girl cries "Emma, Emma." at the end of it.


Close clapping and cries for "Emma, woo, Emma!". And, "I love you Emma."


MB: "All right, all right! Fuckin' 'ell!"

Same girl that professes her love for Emma chatters through the first part of this track.

Segues right into DeLuxe, as usual.

More love for Emma from this quarter.

Girl: "You're the best, Emma!"

Lush play Downer.


Drom intro to what sounds like Ocean, a mistake?

MB: "This is the drummer, Justin(?)

That was weird.

(at end)

More "Emma, Emma, I love you." I think I preferred the Iowa guy. :)

MB: "Jesus Christ, I (?) that one."


Cuts out after a little over two minutes.

When the tape resumes, it's in the middle of the encore chant and stomp.

And yet more "Emma, I love you." Which Emma finally acknowledges!

EA: "Okay. I love you too."

guy: "Run for president!

Miki says something I can't make out, last part may be "didn't you?".

Monochrome and Leaves_MeCold close out the set.

LUSH: 15 APR 92 Union Square - San Francisco CA

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"There are two versions of this video. One is a single shot from the back of the audience and the other has shots from various points on stage."

This was a free concert that 105.3 FM ("Live 105") put on as part of their free concert series. Recall that it was fairly well attended, probably nearly a thousand people witnessed it.

The second version Neil is referring to may be the one I taped with a Sony 8mm camera, though I recall that at least three videotapes of this one exist. I recall that I made at least one copy of my version, but it's not as widely circulated as the one from the stage. Sound on my version is in mono. To date, this has been the only show I have taped.

Full writeup forthcoming.

LUSH: 17 APR 1992 Rock Candy - Seattle WA

The entire concert can be found on the 'World Of Lush' CD bootleg put out by Bullseye Records in Australia (CD-EYE-12). This appears to be sourced from a very good quality audience tape.

info from zeus163 regarding its origins:

"Ah, one of Ed Phernetton's tapes. I met him once outside a Pearl Jam show in Seattle. A nice guy, but a bit strange. He did some nice shows until he disappeared. He cloned this on DAT for me at one time, but since all my DAT's are in storage, I cannot tell if my copy has the same imperfections." zeus163 also believes that Ed used Sony D3 with Sonic Studios mics.

The taper sounds like he moves a bit at the end of Bitter.

Bit of a false start to Starlust.

Fan yells "awesome..."


MB: "A bit warm up here. Yeah, I can imagine it's pretty warm down there as well, yeah. A nice quiet little number that you can sway gently to."


Clicks at 0:08, 2:30 and 2:48.


It sounds like the mic plug got dislodged at the 1:58 point.

Miki makes a noise that may have been "Thank you."

Edit in tape (presumably between the main set and encore), faded up in mid-sentence as Miki starts speaking.


MB: "...we're going to Canada tomorrow, so I want you all to pray for us tonight so that, that we don't get our bottoms searched at the border. I'm telling you The Flaming Lips are very worried. I would be if I were them..."

Miki starts laughing at the 3:46 point (to applause) and stumbles on the next line.

MB: "That was very comforting, wasn't it?"

Leaves_Me_Cold concludes the second encore.

Tiny pop at cheer for a couple of minutes before Lush come back on.


MB: "It's a short one."

Small click at 1:52.

LUSH: 08 FEB 92 Town And Country Club - London

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

LUSH: 28 MAY 92 Ancienne Belgique - Brussels

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

He has this listed as "Arrienne(?) Belgium" but with a 25 MAY 1992 date. The ajames listing has "Tours MJC" for that date, which is still in France.

LUSH: 30 MAY 92 Tivoli - Utrecht

From live recording seeded to DIME.

First two songs (Stray and Bitter) have no intros.

_God's__Gift follows. Miki's voice sounds a bit off-key on this.

Nothing__Natural is next, followed by Ocean.


MB: "A pork barrel." (yes, that's what she is saying)

Starlust follows. Edit point in this recording and then Covert segueing into _De-Luxe_, followed by Downer. Miki obviously sounds like she has a sore throat, so I can't make out what she says after that song.

Sweetness_And_Light follows. Another audible edit point between it and Superblast. Miki stumbles after the first line.

This ends the main set.


MB: "This...this...this song is for anyone who was in Amsterdam last night. Expect me to coo(?)."

Leaves_Me_Cold follows.

MB: (at end) "Thank you. Does anyone follow your ways? Anyone know?" Well, I can understand everything..."

Baby_Talk is abruptly halted through a wall of bass feedback. The crowd cheers when the band stops. Someone close to the mic cries "Not again!" I think Miki makes a gesture or something like that which gets the crowd whistling and booing.

LUSH: 31 MAY 92 VARA 2Meter Radio Session - Netherlands

Ajames' gigography indicates 4 tracks were played, but there are 5 songs. Received as 128kbit MP3s from Jason Gardieff, who got them from somebody in Brazil. Sound is good, if a bit muted.

One of those where the ID3 listings don't quite correspond to the song

Original tracking (based on the filenames) was listed as follows:

Nothing Natural
God's Gift
Nothing Natural

However, the songs are actually in this sequence:

Nothing Natural
For Love
God's Gift

Monochrome's intro is even slower and dreamier than what was released.

Interesting. The announcer introduces the last song as 'Nothing Natural' but it's actually God's Gift. I guess the broadcaster must have gotten the wrong order, though I'm not sure the order I list is actually correct.

LUSH: 27 JUN 92 Glastonbury Festival

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Shot at the NME stage at the 1992 Glastonbury Festival, pretty close to the stage. Very shaky camera and lots of heads in the way."

Stray opens the set, which segues right into Bitter.

MB: "Cheers".

Chris taps his drumsticks together to start off Nothing_Natural

MB: "Thank you." (said in an odd accent)

For_Love follows.

MB: "So who was here yesterday?"

MB: "And who watched Carter?

[some cheers]

EA/MB: "And who watched Primal Scream?" [both Miki and Emma ask this]

[louder cheers]

MB: "Primal Scream win I think."

Superblast follow.

Phil sips from a beer on top of his bass cab.

MB: ", time for a quiet summery moment, I think."

Ocean is next, followed by Deluxe.

MB: "Time for another shoegazing classic."

Downer follows, and then Sweetness_and_Light.

(at end)

MB: "Oh, God, I'm too old for this."

Scarlet follows.


MB: "All righty. Nearly finished, nearly finished. This one's called, 'I hate Kylie, because she's prettier than me'. Or 'Steven Wells is a fat cunt.'"

LUSH: 22 AUG 92 Bicentennial Park - Miami

Have this one via a MP3 rip of KTS114. The CD has a warning that it's not up to the standard of other KTS cds. Ok, but this sounds very good to me. A very good audience tape, easily mistaken for a sbd except for the near audience chatter that appears at various points.

An over-the-top radio DJ-type introduction greets the (im)patient Lollapalookas.


MB: "Hello".

Volume goes up at the 3:00 point.

Lush segue right into Bitter, and then perform Nothing_Natural. The drums are mixed strangely, as the toms bang about panned extreme left.


Tape garbles a bit at 0:40 or so.

A bit of a pause before the group blast into Superblast.


MB: "This is the only chance today you'll get to do a waltz, so take full ad[vantage]" Edit point cuts off the last part of sentence.

Covert segues into Deluxe in the usual manner. Downer follows.


(at the end)

MB: "Okay, whoever threw that fucking thing, right, your mother sucks cocks in hell."

This gets a reaction from the drowd.

Set closes out with Starlust and Leaves_Me_Cold.

MB: "Thanks very much. [can't make out last bit of what she says]"

LUSH: 30 AUG 92 Cabaret Metro - Chicago

Taken from FM recording.

Johnny Mars (WXRT 93.1 DJ) introduces the group.

JM: "Helloooooo....How's everybody doing tonight. I'm Johnny Mars from WXRT, I'd like to welcome you to a very special Budweiser Sunday night concert. As we continue to celebrate the radio station's 20th anniversary and Metro's tenth anniverary, tonight's show is being broadcast live on XRT, so, can we do a little soundcheck, can we get the level up a little bit? All right. Right now, the other stars of the show, the band has been called by some dreamy, by others, hypnotic, but their name says it all. Would you welcome Lush!"


MB: "All right. Settle down."

Bitter and Gods_Gift follow.

Then Nothing_Natural and Ocean.


MB: "You're lively, aren't you? C'mon, pretend we're Pearl Jam!"

Somebody calls out "Pearl Jam suck!"

MB: "Pearl Jam are actually very good friends of ours, so don't insult them."

The heckler apologizes.

Starlust and Covert follow.

And then Deluxe and Downer.

Sweetness_and_Light is next.


MB: "Honestly, you lot, can't you at least be a little bit violent."

Johnny Mars babbles at this point.

TM: "You're listening to the Budweiser Sunday night concert. The Sunday night concert special. Live from Cabaret Metro. Jommy Mars here. We've just heard Lush do their set. And a pretty amazing set it was. They're fresh off the Lollapalooza tour. they were in town back in August, you'll recall, when they played over at the World Theatre, but now, last night they were up in Alpine valley, and they have agreed to come down and play a show for us here. A three dollar ticket, the place is sold out. Their show was just exceptional, as you heard. One of the things that's amazing about Lush that you really don't find on...on the recordings is that they tend to sound a little light and airy on disc, but when you get them in a concert setting they're quite the rock band with an incredible drum sound to their music. So we're expecting them to come back out in just a little bit. Lush, a four piece band from London, two guys, two girls, and they did material from both their albums that's been released Stateside. The album, Gala, which was basically a compilation of their recorded work that was out as an import, those import recordings, and their most recent record, called Spooky. This place is filling up with the smoke and dry ice, and one of the things you have to talk about when you talk about Lush is their light show, that they bring with them, it was quite an impressive one tonight. And we're just waiting for them to come back out, Johnny Mars Sunday Budweiser concert special commeorating XRT's 20th anniversary and Metro's 10th anniversary. And here they come!"

Lush come back on the stage.


MB: "This...this will seat you lot. Put you to fucking sleep!"


MB: "Okay this is for Justin Shore and Ursula."

JM: "All right. Live from Metro, it's Lush on the Budweiser Sunday Night concert. I'm Johnny Mars, and this is WXRT Chicago. Two songs for the first encore, we're waiting to see if we're gonna get another one. The first one, a little slow, they said they were gonna hopefully not put us to sleep, but they certainly woke everyone back up with that second song. And we're waiting to see if we're gonna get another number from Lush. We're doing this Budweiser Sunday Night special live from Metro, celebrating XRT's 20th anniversary and Metro's 10th anniversary. Lush have been on the road with Lollapalooza most of the summer, and Lollapalooza was recently, as recent as yesterday, in Alpine Valley, where 35,000 people showed up, sold-out gig, to see all those performers. Lush of course opening the show on the tour, and they still have two and a half weeks to go. And here they come for another song. Budweiser Sunday Night concert special live from Metro, with Lush, taking the stage one more time."


MB: "Okay, where are the dancers? I want that again. You don't dance, I'm gonna fucking stop halfway through, right, so you got to hit lots of people around you so they hit you back."

Johnny Mars blabbers one more time. I'm amazed I got it all down.

JM: "Lush live on the Budweiser Sunday night special from Metro. A celebration of anniversaries, XRT's 20th and Metro's 10th. An incredible ending, real frenzied, frenzied song to go out with, their second encore. And who'd have thunk that you'd get a mosh pit going at a Lush show, but that's exactly what happened. And they'll be back on the road with Lollapalooza, and as I said earlier, it's got two and a half more weeks to go, and it moves down to Atlanta, so you know someone in that area, give them a call and tell them to head out and check out Lush because they've been really really good on this Lollapalooza tour. We certainly hope that you've been enjoying tonight's broadcast, it's one of many we've been doing all summer to help celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have the big Twilight concert coming up on September 12th down at the World Music Theater, and we'll be telling you it more information how you can get some tickets tomorrow morning, I believe. So that's the show that's gonna star John Wesley Harding, Poi Dog Pondering, Los Lobos, and Lou Reed, if you haven't heard. So the crowd is starting to file out, an exceptional concert this evening from Metro. Lush, live in a Budweiser Sunday night special. Johnny Mars here, we have a few credits to get to before we say our goodbyes. First of all we'd like to express our appreciation to Reprise Records, for making tonight's WXRT Metro anniverary show possible especially Steve Tipp, Richard Wolad(?), and Peter Standish. Tonight's show would not have taken place without our good friends at Budweiser, as always, a special thanks to Carlin Lindhardt for being there when we needed him. Thanks to everyone here at Metro for their continued cooperation and support, John Bell, John Weiser, Joe Prino, Joe Shanahan, con...congratulations once again on your 10th anniversary. Here's to many more. Tonight's show was mixed by Timothy Powell of Metro Mobile loc...location recording assisted by Dan Glomsky. Thanks too to the XRT engineering department, Mark Nielsen and John Freederg. Thanks to Pam Buddy XRT program coordinator, for all the coordination, effort, and effort to pull tonight's show off. Tonight's concert and broadcast were produced by XRT's program director, Norm Weiner, standing by my side with the trouble light in hand. I'm Johnny Mars, Frankie Lee will be back with a word about next week's show, after this."

LUSH: 11 SEP 92 Irvine Meadows, Irvine CA

Taken from first-gen WM-D3 source.


Banter from Lollapalooza comperes, not worth transcribing. The introduction in particular seemed overhyped. I guess by that point Miki was used to it, as she didn't try to cut down the presenter.


MB: "Hello. Gosh, so many. Like to thank you all individually for turning up."


MB: (at end) "Thank you, thank you."

Nothing_Natural, For_Love, and Superblast follow, as does Covert, Deluxe, Downer, Sweetness_And_Light, and Starlust. Unusual the band play through so many songs without banter.


MB: "It's our last song. You can cheer up now!"

LUSH: 21 JUL 1993 - ICA, London

One of my favorite Lush gigs of all time.

Taken from audience DAT master.


MB: "All right. We haven't played for like seven months and we're shitting ourselves. Yes, we're calling ourselves bum bradys tonight..." (?)


Some odd audience chatter at the start.

MB: "'k You."

MB: (off mic) "They like that one...[mutter]..."

punter: "May I offer a cigarette?"

MB: "No, I don't smoke at the moment. It's my throat...though you may be all interested in that."

Lit_Up follows.

The chimes from Light_From_A_Dead_Star start...and then stop, apparently they were triggered at the wrong time.

MB: "Ah, that's from the first time. We just need[something] to go to 10."

Kiss_Chase and The_Childcatcher follows, with Miki coughing a bit right before.

MB: "Ka..ka..Kate's gonna join us now. Virtuoso accordion player, ok? It's a different instrument to play, I'm telling you."

punter: "We didn't know about this?"


A rare outing for this 1996-era B-side, three years before its release!


This time for real, not a teaser.

Blackout follows.

The early title for this song was 'Subversion'.

Some shoutouts...


The bridge on this goes into a strange tuning, nothing like the release!

Someone calls out for "Seminole!"

MB: "Quiet, you lively lot! This is the last one."

Punter cries out, "Play one we know!"

So they do...sort Starlust is the first song played here that had been released at the time of this performance.

Emma says something I can't make out.

Angry audence member comments, "Play something from the fucking album, not the EP.

Lush conclude with a lovely version of Desire_Lines.

MB: "Cheers and dears."

LUSH: 09 JUN 1994 Astoria - London

There's a bit of metallic hum on the copy I have (noise reduction?), but otherwise the sound is all right.

My source only has the last 1:50 of Blackout.

Starlust follows.


(at end)

MB: "'k you."

Then Lit_Up, followed by a slight bit of guitar noodling, and then The_Childcatcher.


At the end...wonder what happened to cause Miki to go unhinged...

MB: "I suppose you think that's fucking funny, dear. This gear's fucking expensive, you know. Want to drop the cider on the fucking lot of you."

Downer follows.


Some coughing off-mic, may be Emma.

De_Luxe__ and Sweetness_And_Light follow.

Miki says something in front of Baby_Talk that I can't make out.

Hypocrite is next.

MB: "Thanks very much."

A tape edit at this point (may be also one before Hypocrite, too).


MB: "Thank you...All right, I think you should dedicate this to Blended(?) Echo... Bleppy(?) Echo, who had a terrible time tonight. Lovely people nevertheless, and we shall get very drunk with you later."

Have no idea who she's referring to.

Lush close out with Leaves_Me_Cold.

LUSH: 21 JUN 92 Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco

Somebody complains about not having been on the guest list?

Intro is the Spooky remix of Undertow.

Blackout starts off the set, with Starlust following.


Somebody cries for 'Downer' which comes later in the set.



punter: "Best song on you CD, Lit Up."

MB: "Never mind, we have a critic in the audience."

punter: "Go Ireland, World Cup! Ireland."

Childcatcher and Kiss_Chase follow.

Downer then leads into some of the older material being performed.

MB: (off mic): "Hang on. All right."


Miki groans before the start.

Deluxe follows.

(at the conclusion)

MB: "So how come you're all at the farm? Sorry, I shouldn't psych 'em up today, everybody already does that."

Sweetness_And_Light ends the set.

Baby_Talk stars of the first set of encores.


MB: "And finally..."

punter: "You're beautiful..."

Intro guitar bit is a bit unusual.

Somebody comments after the end that "yeah, they're getting better."

Lush come on for their second set of encores.

MB: "'k you."

People cry out "You guys rock" and "Cat's Chorus".


MB: "This...This one's for the chiropractors in the audience."

MB: (off-mic) "Yeah wait...sorry, sorry..."

Leaves_Me_Cold finishes off the set.

LUSH: 28 JUN 94 Black Sessions - Paris

Announcer introduces the band (in French, of course)


MB: "Bonsoir."

Announcer talks between tracks. Would be good to get a translation (aside from 'Lush, Black Session')

Fan yells out 'woo hoo'. I think Phil says "all right". Same fan "woos" again.


Drum stick intro.

More announcer talk.

Feedback before For_Love.

Yet more announcer talk. I make out "album Spooky".


MB: "Hang on Phil, which pretty girl are you looking at?"

More announcer, more feedback.


Announcer again, and this time a female voice.


Unless otherwise indicated, assume the announcer talks in between all the tracks.


Punter calls out 'Miki', and other people say silly things in French.

Deluxe and Sweetness_And_Light follow, and then Hypocrite.

Single_Girl (first take)

MB: "Ah, okay. A bit of French vocals..."

This is faded out, and there's another take of Lush performing this one.


Beautiful strained vocals...Miki's voice is starting to give out it seems.

Guitars go out of tune in a couple of places.

Baby_Talk closes out the set.

My particular set has tracks from Lush's first Peel Session appended to the Black Session tracks. Quality is fairly good, but is Nth generation, as there's some distortion.

LU: 19 JUL 94 - Double Door Chicago, IL

Thanks to superblast! for making this available.

Backing music is Lush's own version of Undertow.

punter: "C'mon action girl!"

MB: "Hello".

Fans respond.


Sound of a bottle at 1:04 and 1:22.

Starlust and For_Love follow.

punter: "What an awesome song, what an awesome song, think it sreally cool she's got a...too."


MB: "Ah, this will make up for eating garlic as well."

The_Childcatcher and Kiss__Chase next, followed by Downer.

(at end)

MB: "Rah rah."

punter: "Sorry"

MB: "It's only a fucking drink, you know what I mean?"

Love_Life and Deluxe follow. Not a very talkative gig at this stage, but very accomplished performances.

A couple of drum hits.

Sweetness_and_Light and Baby_Talk follow.

Some guitar tuning between tunes, as someone calls out for 'Scarlet'

MB: "Why, thank you!"


MB: "Thanks very much, good night!"

Wail of feedback...

punter: "Stuff like that, I can see how she'd be a bit bitter..."

Encore tracks are Desire_Lines and Leaves_Me_Cold.

Lush finish the set and the fans show their appreciation.

LU: 27 JUL 94 - The Odeon, Cleveland OH

The band come on to the remix of Undertow.

Writeup based on video that was filmed in the middle of the crowd.

MB: "Hello".

Blackout and Starlust start off the set.

Miki clears her throat before

False start with programmed beats to Lit_Up.

MB: "Just bear with us, hang on. She then giggles."

For_Love and The_Childcatcher follow.

After Kiss_Chase ends, the taper states they are really good and bouncy. Bouncy?

Light_From_A_Dead_Star is then performed.

MIki changes her guitar.


(before song starts)

MB: "I forgot that one..."

Downer and _De-Luxe_ follow.

Hypocrite is next.


MB: "Last song."

(at end)

MB: "Thank you, good night."

The band come back on for the first encore.

MB: "Thank you for that raptuous [?]"

Desire_Lines is played.


MB: "Right, it not for the dancing. No one wants to dance."

(at end)

MB: "Cheers".

Lush come back for a second encore.

MB: "It's very nice of you."

Leaves_Me_Cold is the last song played. The band leave the stage without a final goodbye.

LUSH: 08 AUG 94 The Abyss - Houston, TX

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Probably the most popular live video in circulation. Good quality all around." I think I have a copy on VHS.

LUSH: 05 SEP 94 Zap Club - Brighton

Taken from an FM broadcast. From the DIME seed info file:

"Not many Split-era shows out there, so this one along with the Black Sessions are a real treat for those who like their Lush rocking. Seems like a complete set, they opened with Blackout often on this tour. Although I can't confirm it, I imagine they were an opening act on this night due to the half-hour set. Great mix, you get all the instruments & Miki's vocals (Emma is rather low) well-balanced. One of the best live Lush recordings to these ears."

Blackout and For_Love start out the set.

(end of 'For Love')

Somebody in the audience yells out something.

MB: "Oh yeah, I know."


Miki's voice cracks at one part during the first verse.

Some audience shouts.

MB: "Wanna buy me a beer? If anybody wants to buy me a pint of cider, feel free."

Kiss_Chase follows.

voiceover: "You're listening to Lush, live at Brighton for One FM."

MB: "Oh yeah, criminal justice, Phil, yeah. I've got a little badge on about that, so..."

Some guitar soundchecking.


MB: "What is it? I don't know? Oh."

(at end)

MB: "'k you."

Some more guitar strumming.

MB: "Uh...what was that?"


Intro is a tiny bit different than the recorded version, especially with respect to the drumming. Lots of flanging on the guitar.


MB: "This is dedicated to Michael Howard, it's called Hypocrite."

(Michael Howard was the Conservative Home Secretary at the time)


MB: "Ooh, last one. Thank God for that!"

(at end)

MB: "Thanks very much, good night!"

LUSH: 03 APR 96 Electric Ballroom - Camden

Joy Division played this venue twice during their heyday.


MB: "All right, are you ready?"


MB: "We were up from six o'clock this morning making a video for this song, so you have to like it!"

Heavenly_Nobodies follows.


MB: "This is for anyone's who's just split up with someone. Be glad. It was probbly meant to happen."

Kiss_Chase follows.


MB: "This is for the really old people here."

Broadcast has fade out/fade in between this and Last_Night.


MB: "Was that a fantastic drum solo?" (referring the last song, presumably)

Ladykillers finishes out these tracks, but isn't listed below.

MB: (at end) "Thanks very much, good night!"

Sequence of video, which unlike the above is complete.

Heavenly Nobodies, Childcatcher, Lovelife, 500, Single Girl, Kiss Chase, De-Luxe, Light From A Dead Star, Undertow, Hypocrite Runaway, For Love, Sweetness And Light, Last Night, For Love, Demystification

LUSH: 12 APR 96 The Showbox - Seattle WA


MB: "So these are all the people who didn't get into the Chili Peppers."

Multiple people then shout out "Fuck The Chili Peppers".

MB: "Yeah, I'd agree with that, yeah."


MB: (off-mic) "All right?"


MB: "Aww, thank you."


MB: (off-mic) "Yeah."


MB: (sighs) "Fucking roasting! You hot? Look at it. I am dosed up with some cold medicine then."


Somebody yells out a request, which I can't make out.

MB: "No, don't do that anymore."


Phil says something off-mic, which Miki responds to, neither of which I can make out.


MB: "Time for an oldie."


MB: (clears throat) "Right, this is our last song. I'm actually gonna..I am going to dedicate this to An-thony Kiedis of the Chili Peppers. Because they're freakers, aren't they?"


First encore track.

MB: "Oh thanks! We would have come back anyway, so... We come back on when people are sweeping up."


MB: "Right, just, just time for a quick cover version. Nothing famous, you know.

Audience member: "Do you want some tea?"

MB: "Yeah, yeah, that'd be good.

(at end)

MB: "Thanks a lot, good night!"

LUSH: 15 APR 96 The Fillmore San Francisco CA

Taped by 'muchmusic'. I was at this show but this was about 10 years before I would start taping again, though interestingly enough, the first show I ever documented (on video) was Lush's free show in Union Square four years before.


MB: "All right. Are we in a good mood? That's good. That's nice, then."


MB: "It's quite nice up here, isn't it? A good view."


MB: "Right, time for an oldie."


MB: "That was a good guess."

(at end)

MB: "Interesting tuning on the guitar."

Undertow follows.


MB: "All right, everyone look at Phil."


MB: "Thanks, this is our last one. [something] You have to dance.


MB: "Oh, thank you. I've just had a quick cigarette break..."

LUSH: 17 APR 96 Whisky-A-Go-Go Hollywood CA

A very funny set of exchanges before the band start.

taper: " always run into at least one more of us."

None other than Rodney Bingenheimer introduces the group.

RB: "Greetings, LA. Coming up, the band you've been waiting for. How many of you won tickets from KROQ?"

Silence. Someone chuckles. Someone else says "Oh, well", and a third person makes a shushing sound.

RB: "Anyway, they're coming up. Here's an intro tape."

Someone then yells, "Get the fuck off the stage, Rodney!"

Rodney continues, unfazed.

RB: "Ladies and gentlemen, Lush! The band you call Lush. They're on their way."

taper: "Do you know how old he is? Do you know how old he is? (someone guesses 40) He introduced Crosby, Stills, and Nash, that's how old he is."

Someone else comments that "he looks like a fucking skeleton."

Intro tape (something lounge-ish) comes on. After a minute, Lush take the stage.

MB: "All right."

There's some whistles that sound spacey and get Miki's attention.


MB: "What's that weird noise. Fuckin' hell? Can you hear that? Oh, does that mean we love you. Fair enough, then. It's quite cozy in here, isn't it? All right, ok..."

Childcatcher follows, and then Lovelife.

Miki mutters something, and then says "that's better...".


Someone shouts out for Phil.

MB: "Does that make you good, that someone shouted your name out, Phil. He feels good."


False start.

MB: "It was him, it was him, it wasn't me!"


MB: "Where's mine? 'ang on."

Deluxe follows.


Somebody shouts out something I can't quite make out.

MB: "That is so sad, you don't want to shout that, you really don't."

The vocals meander a bit.

MB: "Sorry about that, I couldn't hear anything. See, if you whoop while I'm singing, it puts me off."


An "Ok" off mic.

Guitar chord, and then somebody exclaiming, "THAT son of a bitch..."

Hypocrite and Runaway follow.

And then one of my favorites, For_Love.


MB: "All right, it's our last song."

punter: "What?"

MB: "Yes. This is your last chance to dance, I'm just warning you, all right."

Someone says "Kill 'em!"


MB: "Thanks a lot, good night!"

taper: "This tape is going to sound real good."

A couple of minutes between main set and encore, people saying, "This is not the same band", probably in reference to their Britpop direction, as well as

Cheers when they come back on.


MB: "And here we are again"

punter: "What a shock"


MB: "Play(?), nice fellows. What did I just say?"


MB: "No, that'll do."

(at end)

MB: "Thanks very much, good night."

Feedback on amp for a bit.

punter: "See, you liked that? I don't like it."

LUSH: 23 APR 96 Club Masquerade - Atlanta

From Westwood One broadcast recorded from 'Live105' KITS-FM
San Francisco. Only three tracks.


(at end)

MB: "Thanks very much, good night."

LUSH: 04 MAY 96 Opera House - Toronto

From 128kbit MP3s that I received from Jason Gardieff, who
got them from somebody in Brazil. Likely not the complete performance. Later received these on a CD (more complete, but perhaps missing the encore), probably from the same source, which is an excellent quality audience tape, likely DAT.

As befitting a venue called the Opera House, the pre-gig backing track sounds like...opera. Lush take the stage.


MB: "Hello... Just waiting for my hairpiece to dry."

(fans can be heard to cry 'I love you' and 'Emma')

At the end, some punter says "Holy cow."

Lush play The_Childcatcher next.


MB: "If anybody finds a purse, right (giggles)...I've just lost my purse again so if you look around on the floor and see it... It's sort of black and square."


MB: "Ah, see, we rehearsed a different song. How many drinks have you had?"

Shake baby shake. But don't stir.


MB: "This is for the two blokes in the middle who are jumping up and down. And they're talking to each other now so they're not listening to me."

Edit between Kiss_Chase and Deluxe on MP3 version, which doesn't appear to be present on the CD version.

Taper (or somebody by him) exclaims, "Yeah!".

Same guy says "Holy cow" again.


Clean edit between this track and Undertow.

Taper: "Oh, yeah." And at the end, he says "I like it."


Miki mumbles something off-night, apologizing...

MB: "Okay, okay, it's his big moment and he's missing it..."


MB: "Nothing quite like slagging off ex-boyfriends, is there?"


MB: "It's our oldies section."

LUSH: 06 MAY 96 Odeon - Cleveland OH

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Decent show with overall good camerawork (some shaky spots) and fair audio quality. Thanks to John K for the info."


MB: "Hello. I can see what...[can't make out]. That helps."


MB: "Thanks!"

Lovelife and _500_ follow.


MB: "Emma, did you see this bloke signalling you? Every now and then, there's these hands..."


MB: "How you feeling, Phil? Phil lost a tooth, cuz we all beat him up."

LUSH: 17 MAY 96 Palace Hollywood

Announcer: "Thank you for coming tonight's the Palace. Okay, if you didn't see them a month ago, tonight is your night. And, if tonight is not enough, they'll be playing in less than a month on June 15th at KROQ's Weenie Roast. So...[fans boo]...but I'll be looking forward...oh, quit booing, the band will think you're booing them [a female voice yells out 'you suck']. Blow me, I'm wearing plastic, so you can throw stuff at me and it won't matter. Anyway, in just a few minutes, please join me at KROQ at welcoming a KROQ favorite, 4AD/Reprise artist, Lush."

A bit of house PA before the band come some Duane Eddy-like spy theme song...


MB: "Hello. So this is our last night, we're a little bit emotional, you can tell."

The_Childcatcher follows.


MB: (reacting to someone screaming) "Are you all right?"

Miki stumbles a bit through the "ba ba ba ba ba" bit near the end of the song.


MB: "So, the crew, right, have been playing tricks on people all night, so if you see anything weird going on, just start screaming, all right? Scream and point at the same time. I'm a little bit nervous about it."


Some guitar strumming at the end.

MB: "Oh God, I can see my reflection in this thing at the back, it's really offputting. I knew I shouldn't have worn it too tight."

Kiss_Chase and Deluxe follow.

A few fans chant Emma's name.


MB: "So you no one knows(?), anyway."

Undertow is next in the set.


MB: "So apparently two of the Sex Pistols are here tonight. I'm impressed, I'm fucking well impressed..." [giggles]

(at end)

MB: (off-mic) "All right..."

Runaway and For_Love follow.

MB: "Right, this is our last song. (singing) 'Oh yes it is!' And I'm going to dedicate it to Mojave 3 and Scheer and ll the crew...we've had a fucking great time, so...I know you weren't there, but believe me, it was a really good time."

The main set ends with Sweetness_And_Light.

MB: "Thanks very much. Good night!"

The recording has several minutes of cheering while the crowd wait for the inevitable encore.


MB: "Ooh, we're back. It's quite an ego boost, actually...don't ya think? Yeah, expecting."


MB: "Ooohh...wah hey! [drum roll] Ohhhh, God almighty! It's the drummer, you can tell."


MB: "All right, this is the easy bit now. We get our little friends on. Santa's little helpers, where are you? C'mon, c'mon. We get the, we get the 4AD supergroup now, and we are fucking super, all right? And if the stage collapes, don't be alarmed. We're just gonna mill around, so don't worry about it."

Some one on stage (off-mic) mutters "We are the world..."

MB: "Yeah, we are the world indeed. We are the people."

(at end)

MB: [giggling] "Thank you very much, good night!"

Ends with fade out of PA music.

LUSH: 19 JUN 96 Queens Hall - Belfast University

Westwood One Radio broadcast from 1 JUL 97. Venue not completely certain, but this was broadcast on Radio 1.


MB: "Right, we all ready?"

The crowd shouts its approval.


MB: "We were up from six o'clock this morning making a video for this song. So you have to like it!"

Heavenly_Nobodies follows.

Fade out and in at this point, as I presume there was a break for commercials on the broadcast.


MB: "This is for anyone who's just split up with someone. Be glad. It was probably meant to happen."

Kiss_Chase is next.


MB: "This is for the really old people here."

Another fade out and back in.


(at end)

MB: "Isn't that a fantastic drum solo?

For_Love and Ladykillers conclude the set.

MB: "Thanks very much, goodnight!"

LUSH: 06 SEP 96 The Edge - Palo Alto, CA

Listing from Neil's Lush Video page at

"Whoever put this show together put in freeze frames and digital effects, and didn't have a very good view of the stage for most of the show. Annoying to watch in my opinion."

tomzero recording seeded to DIME on 2010-02-04.


Miki coughs.

MB: "Hello".


(at end)

MB: "Thank You"


Someone calls out for Superblast! which they don't play.


(at end)

MB: "I hope there's no fighting going on down here. Oi oi oi oi! Oi, oi! You! [Stop it? ?] all right."


(at end)

MB: "Last one."


(at end)

MB: "Thanks very much. Good night!"


First encore.

MB: "That's our first stage invasion of this tour. All right, [if we here's my thing] it was funny, wasn't it? Fucking cheered me up, anyway."


MB: "Stop shouting "Undertow", we're not going to play it.

MB: "Thank you very much, good night. Okay..."

Roland West: "Okay, put your hands together for Lush"


Second encore.

MB: "You can [go ahead and] keep going until I finish my cigarette. Hello, That was very casual, wasn't it? Wasn't it...I thought it was [somewhat on you...] Sorry, I just gotta remember this, hang on. Okay, that's it. Okay, this is our anarchy punk song. It is the year of the election, isn't it? Isn't it? Don't you vote this year? Yeah. "Vote for anarchy", as the Sex Pistols would say.


(at end)

MB: "Good night. Have a [great time].

Roland West: "Once again, put your hands together for Lush. Stick around, we'll be dancing until 3 in the morning". This idea didn't quite appeal to tomzero, so he scoffs and shuts off the recorder.

LUSH: 07 SEP 1996 The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA

The third-to-last gig Lush would ever play, as Chris Acland would take his own life about a month later.

Format is Windows Media video (single-shot camcorder) of concert.

Heavenly_Nobodies and The_Childcatcher start out the set.

Miki says something at the end of this that's inaudible due to the audience noise. She swaps out her brown Strat-type guitar for her Rickenbacker sunburst hollow-body 12-string.


Somebody actually crowd surfs during this number. Which doesn't go unnoticed.

MB: "Ooh, crowd surfing. I think(?) what you just did. But...just surf, don't dive onto people, because you see people going, 'Ow, ow'... so you know, you cannot...things now so landing on someone's head isn't so great."

_500_ gets played next.

Miki switches back to her Strat-type guitar after the conclusion to this song.


MB: "It's actually a very special day today. It's Chris' birthday today. I not allowed to say how old he is."

False start right after drum count-in. Miki holds her hand and stops things briefly.

MB: "I think he's going to stop me."

It's a bit reckless to try to read things into what was going on, but I get the sense that Chris wasn't very happy here.

Downer follows. Miki switches back to her sunburst 12-string for Kiss_Chase. After that comes Deluxe, ending in rapt applause. Miki then grabs a different 12-string, a brown sunburst Rickenbacker, for Light_From_A_Dead_Star. Miki grabs a towel at the end of it, and changes guitars back to the sunbirst.


MB: "I see you don't want to do a birthday drum solo thing." "Or was it Mountain Bay(?) Stone Deep. That was a good chart(?)" All the while, Chris is scratching his head. Miki turns back to Chris to whisper something...


Back to the brown six-string.

First try breaks down before the drumming starts.

MB: "Guys, there's one thing, it's really fucking hot."

Really good performance.


Sunburst 12-string again.


MB: "So this is our...our last song from [word starting with 'm'] CD... it's been fantastic." [can't completely make this out]


Brown six-string.

MB: "Last song."

Also very good. Miki's pantomime's bit in the middle is not to be missed.

Lush leave the stage to rapt applause and screaming. pre-encore backing music is from 2001 a Space Oddessy. And then...Elvis! Doing Viva Las Vegas. I kid you not! Well, an impersonator, of course.

Elvis then speaks, and it all makes sense.

Elvis: "Howdy, welcome to the ballroom, thank you very much. Ah, the reason I'm out here is that they asked me to come all the way from Memphis is to wish Chris, the drummer, a very happy birthday, and uh...

Chris then comes out and sits down.

...and to help me with this I have asked [somebody] to come out here and help me sing... A second Elvis impersonator comes out. "Anyway, anyway, where's Chris? Anyway, congratulations [shaking his hand]... there's a bit more banter (with the best being, "You don't look a day over 14") before they both sing him "Happy Birthday".

And, yes, Chris looked completely miserable throughout.

The rest of the group come back on after that.

MB: "That was fucking brilliant, wasn't it? Ah, bit in the face with a muzzle. I know I was tending [can't make out rest]..." Somebody else (maybe the opening band?) comes out to join Miki for the Jarvis bit in _Ciao!_. They don't get far though the intro before the song breaks down.

MB: "Nononono, it's not [can't make out], sorry about this... what happens it's his birthday, he can do what he likes."

guy: "Thank you very much."
MB: "Thank you very much."

She mutters something else that I can't make out.


MB: "We'll finish with an old song of ours."

MB: "Thank you very much, goodnight!"

LUSH: 18 SEP 1996 Shinjuku Liquid Room - Tokyo

This was to be Lush's final show.

Intro music sounds like Bond music, some Duane Eddy-ish twangy thing with horns.


MB: "Hello."

The_Childcatcher follows.

MB: "Thank you."

LitUp and Thoughtforms are next.


(at end)

MB: "Is that for me? Miki, for Miki? Alright, thank you."



Someone cries out for 'Hey Hey Helen'.

MB: "Hang on."


(at end)

Someone cries for Phil.

MB: "What, did someone throw these? Bit strong for me, actually. Oh...yeah, he doesn't even smoke! He just pretends."

_500_ follows.


Miki doesn't sing the last part of the first verse, meaning it's just Emma's backing vocals.

Runaway, For_Love, and Demystification follow.


MB: "This is our last one. Yeah, fuckin' right.

(at end)

MB: "Thank you very much."

The band take a couple of minutes off while the audience claps for an encore.

When they come back on...


MB: "Oh, yeah, a very sore throat, sorry. I really shouldn't be smoking."

Sweetness_And_Light finishes off the show, and Lush.

MB: "Thank you very much, good night."

EA: "Cheers."