Crispy Ambulance Live Performances

a work in progress

I am greatly indebted to Nick Blakey, James Nice, John Cooper at Cerysmatic, and countless others for providing me the material for which to compile this listing. And of course, to Crispy Ambulance themselves! More information regarding their performances can be found on their site. Listing is based on Alan Hempsall's 1983 list, with corrections, additions, and emendations as needed. Venues listed without the city name are in the Greater Manchester Area.

1978-01-24 Spurley Hey Youth Club (DEBUT gig)

...Feedback Phase

1978-02-08 Spurley Hey School Dance

1978-02-12 Levenshulme Community Centre

1978-03-10 Levenshulme Community Centre

1978-06-07 The Phoenix

1978-07-16 Band On The Wall

1978-07-25 Deeply Vale Free Festival

1978-07-29 Ashton Town Hall

1978-09-19 Band On The Wall (with Manchester Mekon and Creation)

1978-09-30 Lesser Free Trade Hall (with Aqua and Avalon)

1979-02-13 Band On The Wall

1979-02-22 Manchester Grammar School

1979-02-28 The Phoenix

The Reckoning (cut) Men Of Responsibility The Moderator Open My Eyes Words Just Don't Waste Me Straight Life Monday Concentration Camp -- The Family (cut) Earlist known full setlist, consisting of a pre-Factory songs otherwise completely unreleased, as documented by Craig Wood. The third song that was marked 'unknown' is actually the end section to "Men Of Responsibility".

1979-05-05 UMIST (Deeply Vale Benefit)

1979-05-23 Hazel Grove Youth Club

1979-07-13 The Factory (with Joy Division)

1979-07-17 Band On The Wall (with The Liggers and The Enigma)

1979-08-26 Leigh Open Air Festival ('Zoo Meets Factory Halfway')

1979-08-28 Oldham Towers Club

The Moderator Concrete (mistakenly labelled "Open My Eyes") Raw Injury Dance of the Leper Motorway Boys From The Cradle To The Grave Suzie's In Fragments Unknown additional song not on circulating source.

1979-08-29 The Factory

Open My Eyes unknown unknown unknown Motorway Boys From The Cradle To The Grave Suzie's In Frangments Suzie's In Fragments appears on 'The Blue and Yellow Of The Yacht Club' (tape)

1979-10-03 The Phoenix

1979-11-19 Cyprus Tavern (with Vibrant Thigh)

1980-03-06 Elizabeth Gaskell College (with The Passage)

The Perfect Day...

1980-03-16 Cyprus Tavern (with Flame)

No Surrender...

1980-05-18 Cyprus Tavern (with The Spurtz, and Louise and Friends)

Opening Theme...

1980-05-21 Mr Pickwicks, Liverpool (with The Fall)

1980-07-04 The Millstone

The Presence...

1980-07-16 Piccadilly Radio Session, Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham

The Presence A Sense Of Reason Concorde Square Eastern Bloc

1980-07-27 Cyprus Tavern

Concorde Square Deaf The Presence (instrumental) Suzie's In Fragments A Sense Of Reason Eastern Bloc Not What I Expected

1980-09-20 The Millstone

3 Minutes From The Frontline... Poster

1980-09-22 Jr's Place Bar, Blackpool (with Section 25)

1980-09-25 Mona Hotel, Liverpool

1980-12-05 The Millstone

Drug User/Drug Pusher Come On Hells Bells Deaf Flight 14 Double Flashback New Violence Brilliant Vision The Presence October 31st

1980-12-19 Rochdale College (with New Order and Foreign Press)

Opening Theme Brilliant Vision The Presence Come On Motorway Boys Double Flashback New Violence October 31st Suzie's In Fragments Drug User/Drug Pusher

1981-01-01 The ICA, London (with The Passage and Biting Tongues)

Egypt Come On Drug User/Drug Pusher New Violence Batman/Dracula Hells Bells Deaf The Presence From The Cradle To The Grave October 31st

1981-01-02 Porterhouse, Retford (with New Order)

Deaf A Sense Of Reason Flight 14 Come On October 31st Drug User/Drug Pusher Concorde Square The Presence/New Violence From The Cradle To The Grave Batman/Dracula

1981-01-08 Fan Club, Leeds

From The Cradle To The Grave... Deaf... Violence...

1981-01-12 BBC Radio One, John Peel Session

Come On Drug User/Drug Pusher October 31st Egypt

1981-01-24 Rock Garden, Middlesbrough (with New Order)

There had been some question about the dating of this show. New Order gigography detail entry

1981-02-26 The Millstone

Rain Without Clouds Batman/Dracula Drug User/Drug Pusher She's A Gas Flight 14 Come On The Presence/New violence October 31st Coming Home For some reason, this show was missing from the original list.

1981-03-08 Cyprus Tavern (with Beach Surgeon)

Rain Without Clouds...

1981-03-17 Piccadilly Radio Interview

1981-03-21 Hearty Goodfellows, Nottingham

1981-03-31 Rock Garden, London

Rain Without Clouds Concorde Square She's A Gas Opus Dei Drug User/Drug Pusher October 31st Batman/Dracula Get Out Of The Way There is some question if this show actually toke place on 1981-03-30.

1981-06-20 Manchester Polytechnic (with Killing Joke)

1981-07-24 Holy Family Church Hall, Failsworth

1981-09-22 Ad-Lib Club, Nottingham

1981-09-23 Old Bell Hotel, Derby

1981-10-23 Bradford University (with New Order)

Bardo Plane Chill Federation The Wind Season Travel Time Are You Ready?

1981-11-16 North Hykeham Memorail Hall, Lincoln (with Total Strangers)

Nightfall Ends The Ceasefire Black Death (Life Is Knife) Chill Travel Time At The Sounding Of The Klaxon The Plateau Phase Bardo Plane Grid Reference Are You Ready?

1981-11-28 Lancester Polytechnic, Coventry

At The Sounding Of The Klaxon Federation Nightfall Ends The Ceasefire Chill I Talking/You Talking The Wind Season Black Death (Life Is Knife) The Plateau Phase Are You Ready?

1981-12-16 The Circus/Boulevard Theatre, London (with Section 25)

Nightfall Ends The Ceasefire United...

1982-01-08 Effenaar, Eindhoven, Holland (with Section 25)

Bardo Plane...

1982-01-09 OJC, Hulst, Holland (with Section 25)

1982-01-10 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland (with Section 25)

The Presence Federation Brutal Headhunters Sexus Black Death (Life Is Knife) Chill Are You Ready?

1982-01-13 Zeche, Bochum, Germany, (with Section 25)

Travel Time Nightfall Ends The Ceasefire Federation At The Sounding Of The Klaxon I Talking/You Talking Headhunters The Plateau Phase Concorde Square Eastern Bloc

1982-01-14 Art & Buffet, Brussels, Belgium (with Section 25)

The Presence Chill Rainforest Ritual Wind Season Deaf Brutal The Pleateau Phase 'Deaf', 'Brutal', and 'The Plateau Phase' appear on Fin.

1982-01-15 De Gigant, Apeldoorn, Holland (with Section 25)

1982-01-16 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, Holland (with Section 25)

Get You Back The Wind Season Nightfall Ends The Ceasefire The Presence Black Death (Life Is Knife) At The Sound Of The Klaxon The Plateau Phase

1982-01-17 Vera, Groningen, Holland (with Section 25)

Rainforest Ritual Are You Ready? Sexus Headhunters Chill Brutal Travel Time We Move Through The Plateau Phase --- Federation 'Headhunters' appears on Frozen Blood and 'Rainforest Ritual' appears on Fin.

1982-03-27 No Name Cafe, Corwen, Wales

1982-05-06 The Venue, London (with Section 25)

Are You Ready? Say Shake Choral Chill Frozen Blood The Wind Season The Poison The Plateau Phase 'Frozen Blood' appears on Frozen Blood and 'Choral' appears on Fin.

1982-05-14 U.M.I.S.T. (with China Crisis)

Say Shake Sexus Travel Time Choral Frozen Blood Are You Ready? The Plateau Phase The Poison

1982-05-22 Porterhouse, Retford (with Section 25)

Choral Federation The Grind Frozen Blood The Poison Chill The Plateau Phase Say Shake

1982-10-13 Ad-Lib Club, Nottingham (final show for 17 years) (with Metamorphosis)

Cult Turnbuckle The Gift Of Danger Say Shake Hollow Points Lucifer Rising Open, Gates Of Fire

1999-11-05 Band On The Wall (first reunion show)

Are You Ready? Deaf Come On Federation Travel Time The Presence Lucifer Rising Choral Nightfall Ends The Ceasefire The Plateau Phase United Say Shake Open, Gates Of Fire -- Sound Block

2002-10-26 Band On The Wall

Step Up!... End Game...

2002-11-08 WCMU University Of Maryland

Quarter Caste Loupgarou The Presence Deaf Chimera Metal Grey End Game Say Shake

2002-11-09 Paradise Lounge, Boston

Quarter Caste Metal Grey Deaf The Presence new 2 Say Shake ? (Alan repeatedly sang "Keep smashing away...") new 3

2002-11-10 Knitting Factory, New York City

...Deaf The Presence Say Shake Chimera The Drop Open, Gates Of Fire The Plateau Phase

2003-05-29 ICA, London (with Biting Tongues)

2004-06-26 Beech Rd Summer Festival, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy

Heatwave Quarter Caste Loupgarou Evil Eye Any Second Now Four Line Whip Chimera Say Shake End Game

2007-12-08 Sub Space Bar, Manchester

Quarter Caste Loopgarou Evil Eye Deaf Heatwave Chimera Lucifer Rising The Drop End Game Open Gates Of Fire The Plateau Phase

2007-12-15 Plan K, Brussels (A Factory Night, Once Again, with Peter Hook, Section 25, The Wake, The Names, and Kevin Hewick)

Quarter Caste Evil Eye Deaf The Presence Chimera Lucifer Rising Travel Time The Plateau Phase Open, Gates Of Fire