Software running on wopr

Hi. 'pkg_info -I -a' is your friend.

With that in mind, some notes:

mail: I'm only have Berkeley Mail and mutt installed. I used to use Pine, but I switched to mutt, so you can too...or else run your own binary. I did have a POP server, but I moved that off, since only my wife was using it.

news (clients): plenty to choose from...have 'slrn', 'tin', and 'trn'. See which nntp servers are available.

irc: ircII (version 20021103) as 'irc'...Also have 'irssi' installed. I haven't yet have requests for 2.9_roof, but I'll put that in if somebody cares enough to ask.

www: I have 'links', which IMHO is better than the typical 'lynx'. See on how the www service here is configured.

text: aside from what comes with FreeBSD, I have (brace yourselves) GNU Emacs (21.2)

misc: fun stuff like 'mtr', 'nmap', 'queso', 'rlytest', 'rsync', 'tcptraceroute', and lft.

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