Dealing with spam

At bestII, I am using several anti-spam DNSBLs,,, and This should block the really bad stuff without having any appreciable impact with respect to false positives, though I can't guarantee anything, of course.

A fallback means of filtering spam is having SpamAssassin installed. This gives users acquainted with the software the ability to control their own destiny with respect to mail handling. Ugh, I sound like a marketeer, but like dealing with those cretins, nothing involving dealing with spam is particularly pleasant. You will need to set up a .forward|.procmailrc to utilize SpamAssassin. Like so:


"|IFS=' ' && exec /usr/local/bin/procmail -p || exit 75 #USERNAME"

| /usr/local/bin/spamassassin  -P

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

This will put all the email which SpamAssassin deems spam in a folder under ~/Mail (which is where Procmail defaults to creating it)

Needless to say, if I catch you spamming, your ass is GRASS.

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