Life Performances

Still heavily a work in progress...there's another Hacienda date in there, plus a Moles Club, Bath performance, and others.
Thanks to certain members of the group, Dec Hickey, Josef K, Paul Meldon, and Mark Buckwalter for the info and recordings so far...

1983-03-23 Leadmill - Sheffield (w/ Nico)

1983-xx-xx Fridge - Brixton

One track ("Touch The Sky") has surfaced from this show, taken from the mixing board. The date could be Dec 10th, as somebody who had recorded their show (the tape has now been lost sadly) said they opened for New Order, but since NO wasn't known to have played the Fridge, he may have crossed them up with the Wake, who did play on that date.

1984-03-12 Carousel Club - Manchester (w/ Gil Scott-Heron and John Cooper Clarke and Friend)

Flyer (which doesn't list the band)

1984-05-14 Royal Festival Hall - London (w/ New Order, John Cooper Clarke, and Keith Allen)

Miners benefit. Amazingly, given the nearly dozen or so recordings of New Order, that none have surfaced for Life.

1984-05-21 Palais - Leicester (w/ New Order)

As documented in 'From Heaven To Heaven', pp.158-162. Two tracks were videoed by the Bedford crew, and remain uncirculated for now. Dec Hickey has kindly shared two stills from that performance: 1 and 2.

1984-06-29 FAC51 The Hacienda - Manchester (w/ The Fall and Terry's Babies)

Dites Moi Ride On(?) Loving My Way(?) Optimism The Night(?) Better Tell Me Flyer An audience recording, 1st generation from BD, has surfaced.

1984 Jun Tell Me [ Factory FAC 106 ]


1984 Jul Tell Me / Dites Moi [ Factory Benelux FBN 37 ]


1984 Summer Life supported New Order on their summer tour

There may be additional dates than the two listed below. Thanks go to Michael Dawson for this information.

1984-08-20 Winter Gardens - Margate (w/ New Order)

1984-08-27 Heaven - London (w/ New Order)

1985-03-20 Polytechnic - Portsmouth (w/ A Certain Ratio)

Poster + ticket

1985 Apr Optimism [ Factory FAC 122 ]


1985 Apr Better [ Factory Benelux FBN 42 ]


1985-10-06 Greenwich Theature - London (w/ Durutti Column)


1985-11-20 Mandela Building, Sheffield Polytechnic - Sheffield

Tell Me Lights Out Optimism Better Not Even Worth It(?) Loving My Way(?) Ride On(?) Why Don't You(?) No Way(?) Hold You In My Arms(?) An audience recording, 2nd generation from an unknown source, has surfaced. The first track starts late, so only about 30s of 'Tell Me' was recorded.

1985-11-22 Teeside Polytechnic - Middlesborough

From comment on MDMArchive by 'simong' Which leads us to: Fanzine article shared by none other than Tosh Ryan, but not the same one refernced above.

1986-02-27 Civic Hall - Wolverhampton (w/ New Order)

1986-03-01 Spectrum Arena - Warrington (w/ New Order)

As reported by 'tock'.

1986-08-02 The Boardwalk - Manchester (w/ The Ex and The Aubergines)