Stockholm Monsters discography / gigography

More info can be found at Many thanks to Ged Duffy, Colin Gibbons, James Nice, David Cooper, and Mark Buckwalter for their notes. promo item - Chronology Summer 1980 Formed 1980-08-30 First studio demo Catch Me In Confusion We Are In Nation A Room In A Tower [LTMCD 2335, for the first two tracks, with "A Room In A Tower only surfacing recently.] 1980-10-29 Halloween Warm Up Ball (could have been in 1981) 1981-01 Second studio demo Future Copulation Fairy Tales [LTMCD 2335] 1981-02-07 Road-Menders Club - Northampton (opening for NO) Mark Refoy: "I first saw New Order at Northampton Roadmenders Club, February 1981. Stockholm Monsters (the singer threw his bongos into the crowd then asked for them back at the end of one of their songs) and Section 25 supported." 1981-04-22 Atmosphere (Romeo and Juliet's) Sheffield (opening for NO) 1981-06 Devilles - Manchester 1981-09-14 Heaven - London (opening for NO) Poster 1981-09-23 Polytechnic - Sheffield (opening for NO) James (aka Systems Failing) M/C Endless You [LTMCD 2335] An audience recording also exists. 1982-01-23 Imperial Cinema - Birmingham (opening for NO) Death is Coming Slowly Fairy Tales All the Days of Her Life Soft Babies M/C Something's Gotta Give James Happy Ever After Love is a Dose 1982-02 Fairy Tales (FAC 41) Sounds review Beyond The Pale fanzine article 1982-03-03 Blue Note - Derby (opening for NO) Systems Failing (aka James) Soft Babies Fairy Tales Something's Got To Give M/C The Longing [early version] Lafayette Happy Ever After Love Is A Dose Full gig courtesy of Ged Duffy (via Colin Gibbons) 1982-03-09 Tiffany's - Leeds (opening for NO) 1982-04-08 Glazenzaal - Rotterdam, Netherlands (opening for NO) ticket 1982-04-09 Meervaart - Amsterdam, Netherlands (opening for NO) 1982-04-10 Stockvishal - Arnhem, Netherlands (opening for NO) 1982-04-11 Musiekcentrum - Utrecht, Netherlands (opening for NO) Love Is A Dose [LTMCD 2335] 1982-04-12 Staargebouv - Maastricht, Netherlands (opening for NO) 1982-04-14 Lido - Leuven, Belgium (opening for NO) 1982-04-15 L'Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, Belgium (opening for NO) 1982-04-17 Le Palace - Paris, France (opening for NO) 1982-06 Soft Babies (FACT 56) video short Video (published by Cherry Red Records) 1982-08 Happy Ever After / Soft Babies (FAC 58) 1982-09-11 Futurama Four - Deeside (with NO among others) 1982-09-23 Hacienda - Manchester (with Durutti Column) Something's Got To Give Soft Babies Life's Two Faces (featured on A Factory Outing VHS) Miss Moonlight Lafayette 5 O'Clock National Pastime "Wings and Roses" unknown 8209 The Longing Flyer 1983-02-19 Manchester Polytechnic (with An Occasion) Flyer 1983 'The Angels Are Coming' cassette compilation (demo version of 'Where I Belong') 1983-03 Miss Moonlight (FBN 19) Sounds news item 1983-03-09 Paradise Club - Reading To Look At Her Where I Belong EW How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? Terror Lafayette Your Uniform Decalogue All At Once Recorded by ND with Aiwa mics and external mic of unknown vintage. 1983-03-11 Ace - Brixton (opening for NO) Solitude: "An interesting tape would be from Brixton Ace 83 where they fought with each other onstage :laugh:" PWS: "and one of the guitars ended up getting chucked into the crowd from memory. My god, 20 years ago!!!" 1983-03-12 Tolworth Recreation Centre - Kingston (opening for NO) 1983-06-01 Newcastle "Wings and Roses" The Longing Life's Two Faces Miss Moonlight Something's Got To Give Five O'Clock Lafayette unknown 8306 National Pastime Soft Babies All At Once 1983-07-08 Rock Garden - London 10pm Set Five O'Clock M/C Something's Got To Give Life's Two Faces Lafayette National Pastime Decalogue Love Is A Dose All At Once Winter Happily Ever After (cut) 11:45pm Set Winter Happily Ever After The Longing Miss Moonlight Where I Belong Terror Soft Babies Decalogue Advert More information and a link to the recordings 1983-09-23 Midnight Express - Bournemouth Your Uniform To Look At Her Lafayette Decalogue (known as Casio Song) Life's Two Faces EW (known as Edgar Wallace) Something's Got To Give All At Once Terror When I Belong 1983-12-29 The Hacienda - Manchester Advert for December 1983 Hacienda gigs Poster for the same 1984-02 Henry Afrikas - Glasgow NME gig review 1984-05-14 Royal Festival Hall - London According to Steve Lea, the members had a fight onstage here as well. 1984-05-24 Cloud 9 - Manchester Advert 1984-06 All At Once (FAC 107) Sounds annoucement of single plus album Sounds reivew NME review All At Once / National Pastime (collage with photos) 1984-06-03 Powerhouse - Birmingham EW Winter To Look At Her All At Once Life's Two Faces Terror Where I Belong How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? Decalogue More information and a link to the recording 1984-06-04 Palais - Nottingham 1984-08 Alma Mater (FACT 80) NME review Sounds review 1984-08-15 Riverside Studios - London (FAC 121) (with SXXV) 1984-11-09 Salisbury Hotel - Scarborough Press article announcing show 1985 Demos 1985-01-06 Old Profanity Pub - Bristol When I Smile (all that was recorded) 1985-04-09 Tower Ballroom - Edgbaston, Birmingham (opening for NO) TJ: "I did record them once (Birmingham Tower Ballroom 1985), but it wasn't good, sound or performance, and the tape was soon converted to a Bunnymen gig!" Luckily, this was also taped by someone else. 1985-06-02 Ziggy's - Plymouth Shake It To The Bank (all that was recorded) 1985-06 The Longing (FACT 137) video short Video (published by Cherry Red Records) 1985-06 How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? / Kan Kill (FBN 46) Single review (in Sounds) How Corrumpt Is Rough Trade (includes photo collage) Kan Kill (includes photo collage) 1985-07 Press Breakout article The City fanzine No. 19 1985-08 dates in Spain 1985-09 equipment stolen 1985-10 Greetings Festival San Giovanni - Valdarno Italy DC gigography gives date as 1985-12-10. There were several other shows with them as well. 1985-11-03 Clarendon Ballroom - London (with SXXV and Happy Mondays, who failed to play) Kan Kill When I Smile Partyline How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? Terror Where I Belong Hand Over Fist Dust All At Once Your Uniform Flyer Gig review by "Fidel Ghandi" "When I Smile" may be from this date, see here. Unknown gen copy uploaded to DIME. 1985-11-11 Assembly Rooms - Walthanstow When I Smile Where I Belong Hand Over Fist [LTMCD 2335] 1985-12-03 The Hacienda - Manchester (opening for NO) John Rhodes throws a punch at AHW (the SM biog says 1986, but believe this is in error). At a Christmas party, he causes more trouble, and was subsequently jailed for 18 months. 1986-01-24 SFX Theatre Dublin (opening for NO) 1986-01-25 SFX Theatre Dublin (opening for NO) 1986-01-27 Belfast (opening for NO) 1986-02 Paris 1986-02 Lausanne 1986-04 NME feature (shortest ever) 1986-05 two poorly promoted dates in Dublin, Ireland 1986-06 Boardwalk - Manchester 1986-07-16 Newcastle (opening for The Smiths) 1986-07-17 Glasgow (opening for The Smiths) Press article for above two dates 1987 Demos, Suite 16 Studios No More Dear Before Your Eyes Stupid House Is Not A Home 1987-02-18 Granada TV appearance Partyline (live) [LTMCD 2335] 1987-03 Greetings Two - Materiali Sonori More information here 1987-04 Partyline (FAC 146) 1987-07-04 Press Minor news items 1987-08-01 Press Young, Popular, And Sexy review ('Partyline' appears on this compilation) 1987 Summer The band break up around this time... 1994-11 Press Melody Maker - What Ever Happened to? 2002 'The Last One Back' [LTMCD 2335] released LTM website undated recollection From "ivan O'Idea": "My copy of this gem is allegedly autographed by the band when I DJed at a gig at Spring Street Theatre Hull (they were supporting local band Nyam Nyam). I handed it over to one of their crew and it duly came back signed. They also later played the Adelphi Club in Hull as headliners, to an audience of about 6 people. I loved them, still do."