Savage Republic Live Performances

a work in progress

For Scenic or pre-Africa Corps/SR performances...

I am greatly indebted to Mark Buckwalter for providing me the material for which to compile this listing, Bruce Licher for providing amendations and additional listings, and the current members of Savage Republic for their support and continued artistry.

Africa Corps

1981-early Parking Structures - UCLA

According to Bruce Licher, "The first recordings we made were of our first rehearsal in the tunnels at UCLA, in early 1981. One track from that tape ("The Happy Mrch #2") made it onto the "Independent Projects, Vol. 1 & 2" double 10" release from 1989. It also includes several jams that turned into "When All Else Fails..." and "Attempted Coup: Madagascar."

1981-05-31 The Brave Dog - Los Angeles (First public performance, w/ [[Bridge]]'s final performance)

Flesh That Walks Ivory Coast Kill The Fascists Exodus Mobilization Tragic Figure 'JD Rey statement' Bruce: "It was originally scheduled to be at a small art gallery called The Los Angeles Museum of Art, where several pre-SR groups I was involved with had performed, but we had to change the venue 2 days before the show. I ended up renting the Brave Dog space for $100 from Jack Marquette, and after seeing us play he offered us additional shows later in the year. I have a reel-to-reel recording of the gig, and one of these days I'll transfer it to digital and send you the song list. The other group on the bill that night was [[Bridge]], and it was the final performance of that group, which featured Mark Erskine, me, Dan Voznick (Chez Voz from Afterimage) and Michael Gross." (from 'Procession' mailing list) Bruce: "We rented [The Brave Dog] out for the Sunday night and managed to get 40 or so people to show up, even wih the last minute venue change, and had a great show. We even made $5 after all expenses were paid. We showed my films Copyright 1980 and "Bridge" in between sets, and as I was playing in both bands, I did he Africa Corps set with a seven-day growth of beard, then shaved on stage before the "Bridge" performance. What art students will do for attention... Changed my shirt, too." (from 'Independent Projects' booklet)

1981-08 San Diego

Bruce: "The booklet from the "IP" double 10" box set also mentions a show in August 1981 in San Diego without Jeff Long (I don't remember specifics, but I think we tried doing it as a 3-piece, not too successfully)."

1981-10-17 Madison Square Garden - Phoenix, AZ (w/ 100 Flowers and Meat Puppets)

Exodus So It Is Written Machinery Mobilization Ivory Coast Kill The Fascists When All Else Fails Attempted Coup: Madagascar The surviving recording has extreme distortion on the last two tracks, which are also cut. Several tracks appear on the "Independent Projects, Vol. 1 & 2" double 10" release from 1989 and on the 'Recordings From Live Performance 1981-83' IP038 CD... Bruce: "Also the Madison Square Garden gig in Phoenix of October 1981 was also without Jeff Long, but this time we had Kendra Smith on loan from Dream Syndicate, playing bass & percussion. The other bands on the bill were 100 Flowers (though they may have still been The Urinals then) and The Meat Puppets headlined." (from 'Procession' mailing list)

1981-09-05 The Brave Dog - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Aphotic Culture)

Bruce: "The Brave Dog became the place where Africa Corps was always appreciated, and we played there often throughout 1981. Aphotic Culture, who sounded like a cross between Velvet Underground, Psychedelic Furs, and Siouxsie & The Banshees, was another one of those bands who did some pretty interesting music but never had the chance to record anything before the ultimate split." (from 'Independent Projects' booklet)

1981-11-12 Cathay De Grande - Hollywood, CA (w/ Afterimage and M. Elan)

Bruce: "The Cathay de Grande was a dark hole underneath a Chinese restaurant in Hollywood which eventually became the only place in Hollywood hat would book hardcore punk shows. This was our only gig here and we go added to the opening slot by our friends in Aferimage. By this time we were starting to get flak for our name (supposed Nazi connotations) wo we started playing around with he words. This was the only show we billed outselves as AFRICA CORP., rather tongue-in-cheekedly." (from 'Independent Projects' booklet)

1981-11-21 The Brave Dog - Los Angeles (w/ Kommunity FK)

Bruce: "I didn't like the idea of regular-size 8-1/2 x 11 flyers like everyone else gave out. Not only did people seem to enjoy being handed a small, oddly-sized flyer, but you could get 3 or 4 times as many for the same cost. Besides, people would seem to keep them more often than not, perhaps for the novelty, or because they would fit into their pockets easier. We were actually starting to get a bit more coherent as a band by this time, and were debuting newer songs, such as Next To Nothing and Flesh That Walks." (from 'Independent Projects' booklet)

1981-12-30 Whisky A Go-Go - Hollywood, CA (w/ Middle Class, Outer Circle, and Afterimage)

Assembly Attempted Coup: Madagascar Exodus Machinery Mobilization Ivory Coast Bruce: "Bottom of the bill with Middle Class headlining. Excitement was ours when we got our first Whisky show, along with plenty of nervousness by the time we hit the stage. The Whisky was the best club in town as far as I was concerned, by the time we had formed Africa Corps i was hard to get a show there unless you were fairly pretty well known or were fortunate enough to get added to the bottom of a bill such as this. We were pretty raw, but different than the rest, and while the waitresses thought we stunk the audience liked us enough, and Jeff had a few of his pals from Wasted Youth there to yelp and whistle encouragement. We opened with a new song called Assembly, which was not quite worked out yet and was embarrassing enough that night for us to shelve it for about two years. Biggest crowd we'd played to so far, and it was quite an exciting night." (from 'Independent Projects' booklet) Two tracks appear on the "Independent Projects, Vol. 1 & 2" double 10" release from 1989 and on the 'Recordings From Live Performance 1981-83' IP038 CD... Setlist order of above tracks not 100% confirmed.

1982-01-14 The O.N. Klub - Silverlake, CA (w/ Rik L. Rik and Fahrenheit)

Bruce: "We got a couple of dates at the O.N. Klub, a dingy place in the Silverlake district of LA which was known as he Mod/Ska Dancing club for a period of time when that was he new thing. By the time we played here, the club was in decline and the first of the two shows was a complete disaster. First, the headliner cancelled, then Mark (our drummer) forgot to show up, then Phil and Jeff got drunk out of their minds. About 20 minutes into a drummerless set Jeff decided he'd had enough and departed from the stage. I half-heartedly improvised for another few minutes before leaving Phil to drunkenly warble Beatles songs solo to end the set shortly thereafter. Definitely an experience." (from 'Independent Projects' booklet)

1982-02-03 The O.N. Klub - Silverlake, CA (w/ 100 Flowers and Neef)

1982-early Los Angeles

Good quality audience recording featuring thirty minutes of performance. No further details yet.

Savage Republic

1982-05-31 Al's Bar - Los Angeles, CA

Ivory Coast (breakdown) Procession There's some confusion over the dating, as this date is also given for Africa Corps' last performance at The Brave Dog. However, it's likely not to be the case, as the club had been shut down in November 1981 and only reopened briefly during early 1982. It's likely a mixed up with the first public performance of Africa Corps. Several track appears on the "Independent Projects, Vol. 1 & 2" double 10" release from 1989 and on the 'Recordings From Live Performance 1981-83' IP038 CD...

1982-06-06 Vinyl Fetish record shop - Hollywood, CA

Machinery [What A Perfect Day] Attempted Coup: Madagascar Mobilization Next To Nothing Exodus (breakdown) Exodus When All Else Fails Ivory Coast Procession

1982-06-10 Grandia Room - Los Angeles (as 'Final Republic')

The existence of this performance is derived from the announcement at the end of the preceding Vinyl Fetish show.

1982-08-03 Grandia Room - Los Angeles, CA

Flesh That Walks A later show than the one-off 'Final Republic' show in June. 'Flesh That Walks' appears on the "Independent Projects, Vol. 1 & 2" double 10" release from 1989 and on the 'Recordings From Live Performance 1981-83' IP038 CD...

1982-11-05 The Galleria - San Francisco, CA (w/54-40, supporting Public Image Ltd.)

A review of this gig on Fodderstompf (PiL site). Bruce: "This was our biggest break as a young band -- getting to open for Public Image, not only in San Francisco, but also for 3000 people in LA the following day. Due to the interest from Tragic Figures, there were a lot of people who wanted to see us and this was our San Francisco debut. As is the case when you're opening for a big headliner though, there's always a large part of the audience that wants nothing more than for ou to get the hell off the stage. I'd say that half the audience liked us, though, and the rest either yelled at us or pelted us with tiny light bulbs from the balconies above the stage By this time we were a five piece, experimenting with some things that didn't always work and it didn't reall help to not get a soundcheck. The recording I have of this show is pretty hard to listen to, but we did get to meet the guys from 54-40, who drove down from Vancouover just for the show. They later helped us set up some dates in the Northwest in early 1983, which was our first, rather ill-fated tour." (from 'Procession' mailing list)

1982-11-07 Convention Center - Pasadena, CA (w/54-40, supporting Public Image Ltd.)


1982-11-13 Shrine Exposition Hall - Los Angeles, CA


1982-12-31 Anticlub - Los Angeles, CA

Surfin' With The Shah Snakedance Exodus Above tracks featured on "Independent Projects, Vol. 1 & 2" double 10" and on the 'Recordings From Live Performance 1981-83' IP038 CD... New Year's eve performance.

1983-01-15 On Broadway - San Francisco, CA

O Andonis Film Noir Mobilization Attempted Coup: Madagascar Machinery Surfing With The Shah [100 Flowers] When All Else Fails Real Men Next To Nothing Ivory Coast Exodus Mark B. describes this as a 'fantastic show'

1983-01-28 Anticlub - Los Angeles, CA (w/ 100 Flowers, Minutemen, and Pell Mell)

Postcard Flyer is reproduced in insert of the Fiesta House '83 tape.

1983-01-29 "12 O'clock Rock", Studio Zzz - KPFK-FM - Los Angeles, CA

Soundtrack To 'Copyright 1980' Flesh That Walks When All Else Fails Attempted Coup: Madagascar Mobilization Exodus Machinery Ivory Coast Real Men Procession O Andonis Film Noir Next To Nothing Kill The Fascists The recording is taken from a 1991-03-17 rebroadcast which also featurs other IPR artists.

1983-02 Dirge Manor - Portland, OR (rehearsal)

Machinery [What A Perfect Day] Ivory Coast Next To Nothing Exodus So It Is Written unknown outro w/soundchecking Exodus is cut on the surviving recording. Bruce: "The Dirge Manor show listed as mid-1982 would have been during our February 1983 west coast tour.

1983-03-05 San Diego State University, CA

1983-03-29 Ground Zero - Seattle, WA

Interstital between two tracks appears on the 'Recordings From Live Performances 1981-1983' IP038 CD...

1983-03-30 Sumus Theatre - Portland, OR

So It Is Written Real Men Above tracks appear on "Independent Projects, Vol. 1 & 2" double 10" release from 1989 and on the 'Recordings From Live Performance 1981-83' IP038 CD...

1983-04-24 'Mojave Exodus' - Soggy Dry Lake, Mojave Desert, CA (w/ Minutemen)

Ticket stub

1983-06-28 KXLU-FM Stray Pop W/ Stella

Listed in the insert on Fiesta House '83 tape.

1983-07-02 Anticlub - Los Angeles, CA

Listed in the insert on Fiesta House '83 tape.

1983-08-06 Fiesta House - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Party Boys, Elysian Fields, and After You Fall)

unknown instrumental By The Sea Mobilization Ivory Coast Procession When All Else Fails Last Grave At Dimbaza Exodus Attempted Coup: Madagascar Jerusalem Moment In Ceylon Film Noir -- The Living O Andonis Some of these instrumental tracks were recorded for an album that was never released as a Savage Republic recording, but instead became the basis of 17 Pygmies' first work, Jedda By The Sea.

1983-08-13 Music Machine - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Johanna Went)

1983-08-22 The I-Beam - San Francisco, CA

Next To Nothing Procession Last Grave At Dimbaza When All Else Fails Attempted Coup: Madagascar Ivory Coast Exodus Moment In Ceylon Mobilization Jerusalem O Andonis Assembly __ unknown Watch on YouTube Date on video is wrong, it should be the 22nd of August, *not* the 23rd, per the flyer that was sent to me by Mark B. who attended the show..

1983-08-27 Beyond Baroque - Venice, CA

Last Grave At Dimbaza By The Sea The Living Jerusalem Moment In Ceylon All the tracks are unknown instrumentals, numbering referencing the Fiesta House gig above.

1983-10-22 Science of the Arts College - Santa Monica, CA

Ivory Coast Exodus Next To Nothing Autumn Cathedral Film Noir O Andonis March Or Die Mobilization Last Grave At Dimbaza When All Else Fails The Living Moment In Ceylon Siege Listing here

1984-02-09 'Option Benefit' - Anticlub - Los Angeles, CA

1984-04-24 'Mojave Auzsg' - Desolation Center, Mojave Desert, CA (w/ Einstruzende Neubaten)

Bruce: "...some of us SR members did an acoustic percussion performance at that event called Djemaa-El-Fna.

1984-08-22 Club Lingerie - Hollywood, CA (opening for Sonic Youth)

Concert handbill

1984-08-30 Anticlub - Los Angeles, CA

'Exodus' from this show appears in Transmision Mag (200 copies).

1984-09 Cooperative Housing - UCLA

1984-12-09 Anticlub - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Radwaste and The Blue Daisies)

Gig card

1985-01 Ceremonial (demo)

1985-01-25 Bruce Licher interview - KSPC-FM - Claremont, CA

1985-02-03 Bruce Licher's Wedding Reception(!) - Palmetto St. - Los Angeles, CA

Ceremonial Exodus Ivory Coast 1000 Days Assembly Trudge Trek Siege O Andonis The surviving recording cuts in the middle of Ivory Coast, so it's likely not complete.

1985-04-05 Club Culture - Santa Cruz, CA

Siege Mobilization Exodus Trek Machinery Trudge Mediterranea Ceremonial Assembly of the Dead 1000 Days O Andonis Procession -- Ivory Coast The surviving recording also features Exodus [soundcheck] with a brief interview.

1985-04-06 Mabuhay Gardens - San Francisco, CA

The band performed two sets that night!

1985-05 Interview, New York City, NY

1985-05-04 Danceteria - New York City, NY

Gig card Bruce Licher: "On 4 May that same year SR performed their first east coast date at Danceteria in New York, promoter Steve Montgomery having convinced the legendary venue that they were a 'dance' band. 'Was it well received?' muses Licher. 'By the audience, yes. After going on at 2 AM, being told we could only play an hour-long set, we got 3 encores, which was apparently unheard of. The club owner kept asking Steve when we were going to stop, so that he could get back to having his dance floor free. The crowd was yelling for more and he wanted to bring the curtain down on the stage. Crazy night.'"

1985-06-13 Club Lingerie - Hollywood, CA (w/ Abecedarians, Psi-Com, and Drowning Pool)

Gig card

1985-06-30 Beyond Baroque - Venice, CA (w/ Abecedarians)

Gig card

1985-08-22 Club Lingerie - Hollywood, CA (supporting Sonic Youth)

Gig card

Spring 1986 US tour

Gig card front Gig card back

1985-12-15 4253 Lincoln Blvd - Marina Del Rey, CA (w/ Blue Daisies, Fiends, and Lions and Ghosts)


1986-03-28 Theatre Gallery - Dallas, TX

1986-03-29 Velvet Underground - Oklahoma City, OK

1986-03-30 Farm World Jam Hall - Kansas City, MI (w/ For Against)

1986-03-31 Mabel's - Champaign, IL

Land Of Delusion Dionysius (with vocals) Ceremonial Walking Backwards (with vocals) Siege Trek Machinery O Andonis The Year Of Exile Ivory Coast Procession Exodus Date also given as 1986-03-30.

1986-04-01 Greystone - Detroit, MI

1986-04-02 Revival Club - Philadelphia, PA

1986-04-03 The Mine Shaft - Charlottesville, VA

1986-04-04 Danceteria - NYC

Andelusia Year Of Exile O Andonis Walking Backwards Siege Trek Machinery Last Grave At Dimbaza Ivory Coast Procession Listing courtesy of 'eardrumbuz'.

1986-04-05 The Rathskellar - Boston, MA (w/ Volcano Suns, Deception Bay, and another group)

Andelusia Ceremonial Walking Backwards Siege Trek Machinery Last Grave At Dimbaza O Andonis Year Of Exile Procession Ivory Coast Listing courtesy of 'eardrumbuz'.

1986-04-19 Press Club - Los Angeles, CA

(soundcheck) Andelusia (parts) Dionysius Real Men (bass) Walking Backwards (bass, drums) Andelusia (Louise Bialik on vox) vocals / drum soundcheck Walking Backwards Last Grave At Dimbaza Procession (performance) Andelusia Dionysius Ceremonial Walking Backwards Siege Trek Machinery Last Grave At Dimbaza O Andonis Year Of Exile Ivory Coast Procession Ticket

1986-04-25 The Farm - San Francisco, CA

Gig card

1986-06 Coffeehouse - University Of California - Davis, CA


1986-08-23 Voltage Lot - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Saccharine Trust, The Romans, and Ten Foot Faces)

Ceremonial Year In Exile [break while equipment issues are being sorted out] Dionysius Mobilization Exodus Last Grave At Dinbaza Attempted Coup: Madagascar Siege Trek Assembly O Andonis The Ivory Coast Machinery Procession Gig card

1986-08-2? Mabuhay Gardens - San Francisco, CA

1986-Fall Fall 1986 Trek

Gig card

1986-09-04 The Fun House - Denver, CO (w/ Live Skull)

1986-09-06 The Drumstick - Lincoln, NE (w/ For Against)

1986-09-07 First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN (w/ For Against and Live Skull)

1986-09-08 Ocayz Corral - Madison, WI (w/ Live Skull)

Ivoery Coast Exodus Walking Backwards Siege Trek Last Grave At Dimbaza Atempted Coup: Madagascar Machinery Procession Mobilization

1986-09-09 Robots - Iowa City, IA (w/ Live Skull)

1986-09-11 Mabel's - Champaign, IL (w/ Live Skull)

1986-09-12 The Underground - Milwaukee, WI (w/ Live Skull)

Ivory Coast Exodus Ceremonial Dionysius Mobilization Siege Trek Last Grave At Dimbaza Attempted Coup: Madagascar O Andonis Procession Machinery

1986-09-13 Cabaret Metro - Chicago, IL

Ivory Coast Ceremonial Walking Backwards Siege Trek Last Grave At Dimbaza Attempted Coup: Madagascar Machinery Procession

1986-09-14 Peabody's - Cleveland, OH

A benefit for the Great Peace March For Nuclear Disarmament Ivory Coast Andalusia Year Of Exile Siege Trek Mobilization Last Grave at Dimbaza Attempted Coup: Madagascar Procession Machinery Ten tracks appear on an Avavistic Video release, "Disarmament". Gig poster

1986-09-15 Cat Club - New York City, NY (w/ Copernicus)

Intro (see note below) Ivory Coast Exodus Dionysus Ceremonial Siege Trek Last Grave At Dimbaza Attempted Coup: Madagascar Machinery Assembly Of The Dead Procession Mobilization Trudge Listing courtesy of 'eardrumbuz'. He writes, "Surfin' USA - I wrote this down but can't remember if they played it, played along to The Beach Boys or just walked on stage to the Beach Boys. I think they played another gig at The Cat Club with Camper Van Beethoven. Can't remember exactly, but it seems like a real memory. :o)"

1986-09-17 TT Bears - Boston, MA

1986-09-1? Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ

Ivory Coast Ceremonial Walking Backwards Siege Trek Last Grave At Dimbaza Attempted Coup: Madagascar Machinery Procession Mobilization Listing courtesy of 'eardrumbuz'. I've slotted this after the Boston gig, as that's the only available gap on the Fall 1986 tour card listing. According to him, they played 'New York, New York' at the soundcheck.

1986-09-1? unknown venue - Philadelphia, PA

Ivory Coast Ceremonial Dionysius Land Of Delusion Mobilization Siege Trek Last Grave At Dimbaza Attempted Coup: Madagascar Machinery Procession Exodus Real Men Show was organized really quickly, organized by a 'Jenny'.

1986-09-20 New Horizons - Richmond, VA

1987-05 Claremont, CA

Siege Fire Into Released on 'I Buried Thurston' tape.

1987-06-18 Variety Arts Center - Los Angeles, CA (w/Fourwaycross and Drowning Pool)

Procession Film Noir So It Is Written Last Grave at Dimbaza Mobilization Machinery Ceremony Trek Year Of Exile The Ivory Coast Next To Nothing Real Men Gig card

1987-07-04 Apparal News parking lot - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Red Temple Spirits, Freshly Wrapped Candies, and Xipetotec)

Gig card Flyer

1987-Fall September 1987 Europe trek

Gig card (front) Gig card (back)

1987-09-06 Markthalle - Hamburg, Germany

Exodus So It Is Written Jamahiriya Assembly ? Trek Machinery Mobilization Year In Exile Next To Nothing Procession O Andonis -- Film Noir ?

1987-09-07 Luxor - Köln, Germany

1987-09-08 Batschkapp - Frankfurt, Germany

1987-09-09 Munchen, Germany

1987-09-10 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

1987-09-12 Zurich, Switzerland

1987-09-14 Teatro Dele Voci - Rome, Italy

Procession -- Mobilization Real Men Procession is cut on the recording. Listing incomplete.

1987-09-17 Thessaloniki, Greece

1987-09-18 Athens, Greece

1987-09-19 Athens, Greece

1987-09-21 Linz, Austria

1987-09-23 Horst, Netherlands

1987-09-25 Melkweg - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Procession Ceremonial So It Is Written Next To Nothing Siege Trek Mobilization Assembly Film Noir O Andonis Year Of Exile Exodus Ivory Coast Real Men Staalplaat cassette issue.

1987-09-26 Sivry, Belgium

1987-09-26 Brussels, Belgium

1987-10 at least one Holland date was performed

1988-02-21 Lechtisterniumm - Culver City, CA (w/ Shiva Burlesque, Red Temple Spirits, FourwayCross, White Glove Test, and Deception Bay)

Gig card JLC (Shiva Burlesque): "It was a benefit concert for the Navajo and Hopi people living on the Big Mountain reservation in Arizona, and as I recall it was a great show all around. Incidentally, this was a rather important gig for Shiva Burlesque because it was (according to my journal, anyway) the first time Bruce and Phil D saw us perform live, and that relationship eventually lead to the Nate Starkman release of the first Shiva Burlesque album in the summer of that same year, as well as the Pyramid Club gig in New York on July 19th, '88, which BTW was part of the New Music Seminar, the proto indy-rock-fest."

1988-04-02 The Sound Of Music - San Francisco, CA (w/Arkansaw Man)

A flyer advertising the show

1988-04 Pittsburgh, PA

1988-05-22 Elks Lounge - Pomona, CA (w/ Fugazi)


1988-06-27 Lichterstersternium - Culver City, CA

Gigography listing has 'Lechtisternium'

1988-07-09 Club Lingerie - Hollywood, CA (w/ Shiva Burlesque, White Glove Test, and Marine)

Gig card

1988-07-19 Pyramid Club - New York City, NY (w/ Shiva Burlesque and BBQ Killers)

So It Is Written Lethal Musk Next To Nothing Tabula Rasa Spice Fields Mobilization Year Of Exile Moujahadeen Procession Wipe Out (see note below) Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV] (Ivory Coast) Jihad Lebanon 2000 Gig card Most of this gig appears on the 'I Married Thurston' tape/CD. According to eardrumbuz (credited with the listing), "I wrote this down, but I don't remember if they really played much of it. Someone just fiddling around, maybe?"

1988-08-18 Stardust - Hollywood, CA

Spice Fields Lethal Musk So It Is Written Mobilization Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV] Year Of Exile Procession Video of full show, by Video Louis Elovitz for The footage skips around on "Year Of Exile", so likely not complete, unless it was an opening set.

1988-08-29 Bogarts - Long Beach, CA

Gig card

1988-09-09 BK's West Indies - San Luis Obispo, CA (w/ Autumnfair)

1988-09-10 Davis, CA

1988-09-11 Gilman Street Project - Berkeley, CA

Attempted Coup: Kill The Fascists Mobilization Machinery Spice Fields Jamahiriya Real Men Material from this show appears on the 'I Married Thurston' tape/CD, on Savage Republic Tapes.

1988-09-12 I-Beam - San Francisco, CA (w/ Ashwin Batish)

Gig card

1988-09-22 Scream - Park View Plaza Hotel - Los Angeles, CA

Mobilization Machinery Seen date listed as 1988-09-17 as well...

1988-10-08 Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, Belgium

1988-10-18 Kir Club, Hamburg

Spice Fields So Is Written Jamahiriya Moujahadeen Mobilization Tabula Rasa Viva La Rock n' Roll Next To Nothing Year of Exile Procession Trek Machinery Wipe Out Lethal Musk Real Men Sweet Leaf Ivory Coast Film Noir Siege

1988-11-04 Dvorana Hum Goriska Brda - Nova Gorica, Slovenia

1988-11-12 Thessalonki, Greece

1988-11-16 Hans Der Jugend - Wiesbaden, Germany

1988-11-19 Zabolinde - Nürnberg, Germany

Year Of Exile Film Noir So It Is Written Jamahiriya Next To Nothing Tabula Rasa Mobilization Spice Fields Machinery Sucker Punch Procession O Andonis Rapeman's First EP Ivory Coast Real Men Wipeout Viva La Rock n' Roll Moujahadeen (different arrangement?)

1988-11-20 Lintfabriek - Kontich, Belgium

1989-02-25 The Wash - Pomona College - Claremont, CA

Gig card Final show for the original formulation of the group. Includes soundcheck. According to this, an excellent DAT recording from a 24 track mobile studio, with 10 video cameras exists, but remains unreleased in the Mobilization Archives ('Execution of the Sate by Fire and Ritual')

2002 reunion dates...

2002-11-11 The Press - Claremont, CA

2002-11-13 Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA

Spice Fields So It Is Written Ivory Coast Mobilization Tabula Rasa Trek Siege Machinery Lebanon 2000 Year Of Exile Jamahiriya Procession Film Noir Oh Andonis Last Grave At Dimbaza

2002-11-14 Satyricon - Portland, OR

2002-11-15 DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA

They headlined the 'Beyond the Pale' festival.

2002-11-16 Southpaw - Brooklyn, NY


2002-11-17 Double Door - Chicago, IL

2003-11-16 Southpaw - Brooklyn, NY

2005 Savage Republic performed a west coast tour in 2005.

2005-08-30 San Francisco - CA (As 'Final Republic')



2006-01 'How To Destroy The Universe' - Part 5 - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Blixa Bargeld)

2006-03-17 Room 710 - Austin TX (SXSW)

Gig listing

2006 Closer Bar - Athens, Greece

Mobilization Youtube video courtesy of ganuma.


2007-02-15 Double Door - Chicago, IL

2007-02-16 Laurenceville Moose - Pittsburgh, PA

2007-02-17 Club Midway - New York City, NY

Procession Courtesy of unARTigNYC (YouTube). The group opened with Procession.

2007-03-03 The Press - Claremont, CA

2007-03-09 Forum - Bielefield, Germany

2007-03-10 Kulturbunker Mulheim - Cologne

2007-03-11 Teatro alla Cartiera di Rovereto, Italy

Spice Fields Mobilization Jamahiriya Ivory Coast Real Men Incomplete listing - order unknown. Courtesy of phonecia (YouTube).

2007-03-12 Rising - South Naples, Italy

2007-03-14 TBA

2007-03-15 Mudd Club - Berlin, Germany

2007-03-16 Firlej - Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland

Procession Suckerpunch [sung by Greg] Siam Jamahiriya Heads Will Roll [Echo and the Bunnymen] Real Men Incomplete listing - order unknown. Videos courtesy of phantasmag0ria (YouTube).

2007-03-17 Scheldapen - Antwerp, Belgium

2007-04-07 TBA - San Luis Obispo, CA

2007-09(?) The Press - Claremont, CA

Jamahiriya Suckerpunch Marshal Tito Incomplete. Courtesy of jsmog (YouTube).

2007-12-16 The Echo - Los Angeles, CA

Procession Mobilization Tabula Rasa 1938 -- Don't have the full setlist, it's likely to be similar to the Cafe Du Nord appearance. From "urckrecord's" YouTube entry: The audio is from the board, with a little of the camera audio mixed in to hear the oil drum on certain songs. The Hollywood scumbags at the Echo tried to deny us a board recording, but we got away with it anyway. Of course you should hear how amazing the audio is before YouTube got their hands on it and converted it to mono and whatever crappy compression they put it through!!! Gig poster


2008-01-04 Cafe Du Nord - San Francisco, CA (w/ Carta and The Drift)

Procession Spice Fields O Andonis Marshal Tito Siam Jamahiriya Mobilization Ivory Coast Torpedo Tabula Rasa 1938 -- Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternate TV] Real Men Savage Republic's return to SF (it had been over 20 years since their last appearance there)

2008-01-12 The Press - Claremont, CA

OC Weekly Music Blue writeup by Janine Kahn

2008-01-18 'Sentimental Noise' - AN club - Athens, Greece

Mobilization Incomplete listing. Youtube video courtesy of ganuma.

2008-01-19 Yorogeios Club - Thessalonki, Greece

Flyer of the gig

2008-01-20 Locomotiv - Bologna, Italy

2008-01-21 Teatro Nuovo Coe - Potenza, Italy

2008-01-22 Gabba Gabba - Taranto, Italy

Tabula Rasa Incomplete listing, tentative dating. YouTube video courtesy of frenzexperiment.

2008-01-23 Init - Rome, Italy

Tabula Rasa Jamahiriya Ivory Coast Incomplete. Courtesy of todtap (YouTube).

2008-01-24 Garage - Milan, Italy

2008-01-25 Area 51 - Hilden, Germany

2008-01-26 Hof Ter Lo - Antwerp, Belgium

2008-01-27 Sonic - Lyon, France

2008-01-28 Mephisto - Hannover, Germany

2008-01-29 Chateau - Prague, Czech Republic

2008-01-30 Firlej - Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland

2008-01-31 Muk - Giessen, Germany

2008-05-30 'LONG LIVE DEATH' - Que Sera, Long Beach, CA

2008-09-09 The Alibi East - Pomona

Procession Video courtesy of devkin63 (YouTube) Thom: SR plays free show at one of our favorite bars, The Alibi! We are happy to announce our first show in the city of Pomona since our '88 show with Fugazi. We will be playing a free show on Tuesday, September 9th at the Alibi East. It is 21 and over only, but it is free. It should be a nice mix with something from every album in a really fun, relaxed environment.

2008-09-12 29 Palms Creative Center and Gallery - 29 Palms CA CANCELLED

Thom: SR back in the desert for the first time in over 20 years!

2008-10-15 The Knitting Factory - Hollywood (w/ Secret Society Of The Sonic Six, VV Morgue, and Death Party)

Helios Creed was originally scheduled but cancelled.

2008-11-07 66 33 North (Thom F. w/Alan Waddington of SR) - Wroclaw Industrial Festival - Breslau, Poland

2008-11-16 'Part Time Punks' Festival - The Echo - Los Angeles, CA (w/ ACR, Pylon, The Urinals, and others...)

Andelusia Swordfighter Mobilization Siege Siam Tabula Rasa 1938 Hanging Garden [The Cure] From this compiler, who attended the show: The redoutable Savage Republic, who by their own admission rarely play in the States, put in an appearance at the Part Time Punks Festival. Their set was in the upstairs Echo, as Pylon were occupying the downstairs Echoplex. The group aired a new song, called 'Swordfighter' (reminds me of Anemome), as well as a newly recorded cover of the Cure's 'The Hanging Garden' (quite good) cover for a French-based label. Thom had Greg, as the only member of the band who voted for McCain(!) introduce 1938, and at another point kissed his drummer, as he had forgotten to do so at the start of the set. They availed themselves well, especially having to perform after Daytime Television, a group of school-age kids playing some of the genre staples, which went down with the crowd a storm. 'Procession' was in the setlist, but they ran out of time, it seems. Playing at the same time as Savage Republic was Pylon, playing one of their last shows, as guitarist Randy Bewley sadly passed away on February 25th, 2009.


2009-01-03 The Press - Claremont, CA

1938 Hanging Garden [The Cure] YouTube video courtesy of redglarevideo. Another lineup change: Greg Grunke is now on the sidelines, with Kerry Dowling on bass, and Thom more prominently on guitar.

2009-01-08 Radio Greece Interview with Ethan Port


2009-01-10 Radio Greece Interview with Thom Fuhrmann


2009-01-13 Le Club - Paris, France

Procession Tabula Rasa Spice Fields Mobilization Ivory Coast Trek Siege Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV] Year of Exile Marshal Tito Siam Jamahiriya Next To Nothing Lethal Music Andelusia Hanging Garden [The Cure] 1938 Savage Republic's first performance ever in France. Full recording courtesy of NoMoreReturn. You can also find alternate footage of four songs courtesy of subkingdom here.

2009-01-14 Son'Art - Bordeaux, France

Spice Fields Incomplete listing. Video courtesy of KillaHill33

2009-01-15 Sonic - Lyon, France

Next To Nothing YouTube video courtesy of cinenoirlyon.

2009-01-16 Tagomago - Marina di Massi, Italy

2009-01-17 Arci Croen - Verona, Italy

2009-01-18 For Sale - Piacenza, Italy

2009-01-20 Circolo Degli Artisti - Rome, Italy (w/ Carla Bozulich's Evangelista)

Procession Tabula Rasa Incomplete listing. Videos courtesy of todtap (YouTube).

2009-01-22 Spazio Off - Trani, Italy

2009-01-23 Cosenza

2009-01-24 Bolzano, Italy

2009-05-08 Pharaoh's Den - Riverside, CA (w/ VJ Franz.K)

2009-07-17 Cafe Du Nord - San Francisco, CA (w/ Toiling Midgets and Flipper)

Procession Spice Fields Tabula Rasa Mobilization Next To Nothing Marshal Tito Siam Andelusia Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV] 1938 Flickr photoset by Greg Thomas Recording of show available on AMH.

2009-07-18 Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, CA (w/ Rank Xerox, Brilliant Colors, and The Urinals)

Year Of Exile Procession Mobilization Next To Nothing Andelusia Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV] 1938 Siege

2009-09-20 Victoria Theatre - San Francisco, CA Sistiaga film screening

2009-09-27 Silent Movie Theatre - Los Angeles, CA Sistiaga film screening

2009-10-09 'Part Time Punks' Festival - The Mezzanine - San Francisco, CA (w/ Section 25 and The Raincoats, plus others)

1938 Marshal Tito Siam Mobilization (Trevor Bassen) Tabula Rasa Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV]

2009-10-11 'Part Time Punks' Festival - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA (w/Section 25 and The Raincoats, plus others)

1938 Marshal Tito Siam Mobilization Next To Nothing Tabula Rasa Andelusia Year Of Exile Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV]

2009-11-05 Klub 007 Strahovu - Prague (w/ Dubwise Gangsters)

2009-11-06 Wroclaw Industrial Festival - Wroclaw (w/ Psychic TV, SoiSong (ex-COIL), Knife Ladder (ex-SPK) plus others)

2009-11-07 'Decay' Festival - Viper Room - Vienna

'Savage Tull' (flute instrumental)

2009-12-20 The Echo - Los Angeles CA ('Part Time Punks')


2010 Jan European tour

Tour flyer

2010-01-14 An Club - Athens, Greece

O Andonis (Mikis Theodorakis) Trek Procession Spice Fields Tabula Rasa Marshal Tito Viva La Rock n' Roll When All Else Fails Anemone Siam Ivory Coast Siege Next To Nothing Mobilization Andelusia 1938 5 Oceans Real Men (22RAT)

2010-01-15 Stage Performances Venue - Larisa, Greece

2010-01-17 Block33 - Thessaloniki, Greece

2010-01-19 Init - Rome, Italy

2010-01-20 TBA - Marina Di Massa, Italy

2010-01-21 Sonic - Lyon, France

2010-01-22 Trix - Antwerp, Belgium

Year Of Exile ? Next To Nothing Swordfighter Siam Andelusia When All Else Fails Mobilization Trek Siege Marshal Tito Siam Viva La Rock 'n Roll 1938 ? Procession

2010-01-24 Tac - Eindhoven, Netherlands

2010-01-25 Les Trinitaires - Metz, France

2010-01-26 Molodoi - Strasbourg, France

2010-01-28 'La Claque' - Teatro Della Tosse - Genoa, Italy

2010-01-29 L'Embombineuse - Marseille, France

2010-01-30 Tanned Tin Festival - Teatro Principal - Castellon, Spain

Year Of Exile Next To Nothing Mobilization Trek Siam Viva La Rock 'n Roll 1938 Procession Released as a bonus CD on LTM's 2xCD anthology.


2011-01-28 KXLU Broadcast

Year In Exile Mobilization new song 27 Days 1938 Procession Trek Ivory Coast

2011-01-30 The Echo - Los Angeles CA (w/ The Urinals and Clip'd Beaks)

2011-02-17 The Hip Kitty - Claremont, CA (w/ Desperation Squad, Dude Mirror, Wckr Spgt, and Sam McPheeters

Benefit show for Kara Engel, who passed away from breast cancer. Flyer

2011-04-09 The Earl - Atlanta, GA

2011-08-13 The Blue Star - Los Angeles, CA

1938 (ramonaclarke) Procession (two segments) Mobilization Siege 27 Days Hippodrome Year Of Exile (Sledhicket Cinematique, HD)

2011-09-15 The Rock Shop - Brooklyn, NY


2011-09-16 The Black Cat - Washington DC

Gig review

2011-09-17 M Room - Philadelphia, PA

2011-11-20 Liquid Kitty - Los Angeles, CA

Mobilization (BayAreaMusicLens)


2012-02-10 American Post Legion 206 - Los Angeles, CA

27 Days Walking Backwards So It Is Written The Hanging Garden [The Cure] (edgare) 1938 Next To Nothing Trek Sword Fighter The Arab Spring Walking Backwards The Hanging Garden [The Cure] Viva La Rock n' Roll (cooleeq) unknown (Rolo Castillo)

2012-02-17 An Club - Athens, Greece

1938 Mobilization Year In Exile O Andonis (ft. Blaine Reininger) Real Men (George Koproskilo, HD) (ft. Blaine Reininger) Procession Spice Fields Trek (Antonis T) Andelusia Mobilization (fpapadim) (ft. Blaine Reininger) (Papadamaki Apostolia) O Andonis (amakiddo, HD+) Machinery Trek (costas2by4) So It Is Written (ft. Blaine Reininger) (Gi Anton)

2012-02-19 Eightball Club - Thessaloniki, Greece

1938 Next To Nothing Mobilization Ivory Coast Siege Trek Spice Fields So It Is Written Year Of Exile O Adonis Andelusia 27 Days Sword Fighter Arab Spring Hippodrome Walking Backwards Viva La Rock 'n Roll Procession Marshal Tito Siam Machinery Real Men Setlist from Indictos Kostas Most impressed if they actually *followed* it. Further research will unveil the truth!


2013-01-04 Fonda Theatre - Hollywood, CA

2013-01-30 Amoeba Records - Hollywood, CA

Siam (rocknycliveaandrecord, HD)

2013-02-05 Das Bett - Frankfurt, Germany

1938 Walking Backwards 27 Days Mobilization Siege Trek Ivory Coast Year Of Exile Spice Fields Next To Nothing ? Procession Hippodrome Real Men

2013-02-06 Hafenklang - Hamburg, Germany

2013-02-07 venue tba - Berlin, Germany

2013-02-08 Cafe Kulturalne - Warsaw, Poland

2013-02-09 Liverpool Club - Wroclaw, Poland

2013-02-10 K4 Students Club - Prague, Czech Republic

2013-02-11 venue and location near Zurich, Switzerland

2013-02-12 Le Sonic - Lyon, France

2013-02-13 Poste Galne - Marseille, France

2013-02-14 KAB Usine - Geneva, Switzerland

2013-02-15 Water Moulin - Tournai, Belgium

2013-02-16 Petit Bain - Paris, France

Ivory Coast Procession


2014-02-06 Forte Fanfulla - Rome, Italy

Mobilization Omonia So It Is Written Procession (orpheus58, HD+)

2014-02-07 Cabaret Portalba - Naples, Italy

1938 Ivory Coast Viva La Rock n' Roll Procession (nicolapalo, HD+)

2014-02-12 Rover Bar - Thessaloniki, Greece

Next To Nothing Peloponessia O Andonis Siege Year Of Exile (SONIC ATTACK.) Procession (55bodyguards, HD)

2014-02-15 An Club - Athens, Greece

intro 1938 Next To Nothing Walking Backwards Omonoia 27 Days Hippodrome Peloponessia Andelusia (with Stella P. on vocals) Mobilization Siege Trek Ivory Coast Machinery Year Of Exile O Andonis So It Is Written El Porto Marshal Tito The Arab Spring (inc) (Modesky-X Live(s) Crew, HD+) The Arab Spring Viva La Rock n' Roll (with Stella P. on vocals) Real Men Satisfaction (Rolling Stones) Procession (connector, HD - shot further away) 240p version (Modesky-X Live(s) Crew, comped from above sources) Walking Backwards (lemonostiftis, HD) Andelusia (with Stella P. on vocals) (Nokos Liaskas) Mobilization Siege Procession (ganuma) Viva La Rock n' Roll (with Stella P. on vocals) (coastas2by4)

2014-04-26 Church On York - Los Angeles, CA

Viva La Rock n' Roll (vscotchv, HD+) Brad Laner from Medicine and ex-drummer for SR back in the late '80s, plays guitar on this track.

2014-06-06 First Church Of The Buzzard - Oakland, CA

intro 1938 Next To Nothing Walking Backwards Omonoia 27 Days Hippodrome Pelopenessia Mobilization Siege Trek Ivory Coast Year Of Exile O Andonis Spice Fields Marshal Tito El Porto Siam The Hanging Garden [The Cure] Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV] (roseman127, HD) Full video shot by roseman127

2014-06-07 SubZero Festival - San Jose, CA

1938 Next To Nothing Omonoia 27 Days Mobilization Siege Trek Year Of Exile

2014-08-10 The Echo - Los Angeles, CA


2014-09-26 The Earl - Atlanta, GA

Opening for The Dream Syndicate. The Earl's listing

2014-11-08 The Knockout - San Francisco, CA

27 Days Hippodrome Omonoia Walking Backwards Aegean Mobilization Siege Trek Year Of Exile O Andonis Siam Next To Nothing Procession Procession performed with Psi Com drummer Aaron Sherer.

2015-10-23 Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA

2015-11-08 The Echo - Los Angeles, CA

Year Of Exile Mobiilzation Siege Trek 27 Days Pelo 1938 Siam Next To Nothing The entire show was filmed by Jeff Brennerman Trek filmed by jeremy stilgenbauer

2016 Winter Trek

Mobilization listing

2016-01-02 La Mecanique Ondulatoire - Paris

1938 Next To Nothing Mobilization Siege Trek Zelo Walking Backwards 27 Days Marshal Tito Siam unknown Viva La Rock 'N' Roll unknown Year Of Exile was likely one of the 'unknown' tracks. (Marah Dareen)

2016-01-03 El Diablo - Lille, France

Procession Tabula Rasa O Andonis Hippodrome The Arab Spring Peloponessia Walking Backwards Marshal Tito Siam 1938 Next To Nothing Mobilization Siege Trek Year Of Exile Viva La Rock 'N' Roll Full length video from NO MORE RETURN

2016-01-04 De Glazen Boterham - Werchter, Belgium

Procession Tabula Rasa O Andonis Hippodrome The Arab Spring Peloponessia Walking Backwards Marshal Tito Siam 1938 Next To Nothing Mobilization Siege Trek Year Of Exile Viva La Rock 'N' Roll

2016-01-05 OCCII - Amsterdam, Netherlands (w/ Yokocola Cellarsounds)

Year Of Exile (Vana Heidemann)

2016-01-06 Overtime - Berlin, Germany (w/ The Hallow Man (CH), Lolita Terrorist Sounds (DE) )

Mobilization (thomf)

2016-01-07 Znosna Lekkosc Bytu - Warsaw, Poland (w/ Rigor Mortis)

2016-01-08 Centrum Reanimacji Kultury - Wroclaw, Poland (w/ Lost Road, Niespodzianka + After Party)

Mobilization (thomf)

2016-01-09 Vesmir-Bsetin, Na Hrazi 907 - Praha (Vlasim), Czech Republic (w/ CTIB (Rosnov), VWS.SOFOL (PL) )

2016-01-10 Freakout Club - Bologna,Italy (w/ Havah)

2016-01-11 Sound Music Club - Frattamaggiore, Italy

soundcheck: Space Oddity (Ethan Port)

2016-01-13 Rover Bar - Thessalonki, Greece (w/ Small Hours Society)

2016-01-14 Stage - Larissa, Greece

2016-01-15 AN Club - Athens, Greece (w/ No Man's Land)

2016-01-16 Memphis Rock Bar - Patras, Greece

2016-04-09 The Night Light (The Hanging Garden) - Oakland, CA

1938 Next To Nothing Walking Backwards Siam Mobilization Siege Trek Ivory Coast Spice Fields O Andonis Year Of Exile Procession

show lstngs YELL at for being lame and not keeping up with listings

2019-04-13 Lucky Liquor - Tukwila, WA

improv, warmup 1938 Next To Nothing Exodus Spice Fields > Year Of Exile Mobilization Trek Ivory Coast (Kerry on drumz) Siege Video of set (Raysynn)