Info about WOPR

It's really late as I write this, so this is going to be a bit skimpy and ragged.... plus, there was tons of dust I had to shake off this page, and I nearly choked.

This system was a 1u Xeon box with 4 cores and 2 gigs of RAM, and as of this writing is running FreeBSD 9.2-p3. 'cat /var/run/dmesg.boot' for the down and dirty. In Feburary 2018, it was upgraded to FreeBSD 11.1 running in a Proxmox (KVM) container, with double the memory of the bare metal server. That's actually a bit of a step up from the previous incarnation, which was a Celeron single-core at 1.8kHz, before that it was a PII/450 with 256mb RAM. Before that, this box was a dual PII/300 with 512mb RAM.

QUOTAS: 10000Mb /home/USER 20000Mb /home/USER/public_html

Currently no quota on /var/mail/USER, but maxiumum message size is currently set to 20Mb. (note: still have to apply them via edquota)

For uploading content, please use an scp or sftp client, as FTP needs to die, die, die!. Here are some clients:

Mac users:

Windoze users:




For your editing needs, there's 'vi' and 'ee'. I guess I'll give in and install emacs one day...yes, I gave in and installed emacs.

More information as to specific kinds of clients can be found here.

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